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Sahar Dabirian and Carol A. Miles

; Galinato et al., 2016 ; Lewis et al., 2014 ; Rivard et al., 2010 ). The cost of grafted transplants increases if grafting survival rates are low. Although large-scale grafting operations use controlled environment facilities that lead to greater grafting

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Erick X. Caamano, Raymond A. Cloyd, Leellen F. Solter, and Declan J. Fallon

production systems. Our study therefore focused on the preapplication survival of different commercially available EPN products received in multiple shipments throughout the summer and fall. Materials and methods Entomopathogenic nematodes: Sources, ordering

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Michael G. Bausher

Growing vegetable plants for open-field production requires a plant that can withstand environmental challenges such as heavy rains, wind, and stressful temperatures. Obviously, the strength of the graft union is very important to the survival of

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Ainhoa Martínez-Medina, Antonio Roldán, and Jose A. Pascual

to increase BCA survival under adverse environmental conditions ( Wraight et al., 2001 ). Some carriers include fine clay, peat, vermiculite, alginate, wheat, bran, talc, diatomaceous earth, and pasteurized soil ( Boyetchko et al., 1998 ). We propose

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Nathan J. Herrick and Raymond A. Cloyd

). However, there are unsubstantiated allegations made by a manufacturer that certain plant-growing media containing B. pumilus and an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus, Glomus intraradices , negatively affect the survival of western flower thrips pupae and

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William B. Thompson, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Sushila Chaudhari, David W. Monks, Katherine M. Jennings, and Garry L. Grabow

( Wilson, 1970 ). Environmental conditions such as precipitation and initial soil moisture have been shown to be the key components for transplant survival and storage root set in sweetpotato ( Gajanayake et al., 2013 ; Thompson et al., 2017 ). Soil

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John Erwin and Jonathan Hensley

) (≈1 month after initiation of above-ground growth) the year after plants were placed on the rooftop, plants were evaluated for survival and vigor. Individual plant survival data were collected using a four-point rating system where 1 = no survival, 2

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Pinki Devi, Scott Lukas, and Carol A. Miles

applications of sucrose solution to rootstock seedlings before watermelon grafting can increase grafting success when both cotyledons are removed from the rootstock by splice grafting. Survival (%) of splice-grafted watermelon seedlings 21 DAG was the greatest

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Charles L. Webber III, James W. Shrefler, and Merritt J. Taylor

that CGM applied at 324 g·m −2 reduced plant survival, shoot length, and root development for the 22 weed species tested, whether the CGM was applied to the soil surface as a preemergence herbicide or mixed into the top 2.54 cm as a preplant

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Sacha J. Johnson and Carol A. Miles

rootstock. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper environmental conditions to prevent water loss from the scion and promote rapid formation of the graft union ( Davis et al., 2008 ). Survival of grafted plants will be higher if plants are kept in a