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Huimin Zhang, Hongguang Yan, Cuixiang Lu, Hui Lin, and Quan Li

). Structural characterization of sweet cherry leaf metabolites. 13 C-NMR can directly measure the carbon skeleton and information about the chemical structures and molecular movement, such as the number of carbon atoms in the molecule and the specific group

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Phu-Long Pham, Ying-Xue Li, He-Rong Guo, Rui-Zhen Zeng, Li Xie, Zhi-Sheng Zhang, Jianjun Chen, Qing-Lian Su, and Qing Xia

in the synthesis of mannan polysaccharides Front. Plant Sci. 8 173 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00173 He, T.B. Huang, Y.P. Yang, L. Liu, T.T. Gong, W.Y. Wang, X.J. Sheng, J. Hu, J.M. 2016 Structural characterization and immunomodulating activity of

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Bin Peng, Jianlan Xu, Zhixiang Cai, Binbin Zhang, Mingliang Yu, and Ruijuan Ma

et al., 2015 ). In apple, a structural characterization and substrate specificity analysis suggested that only AAT1 was related to fruit aroma biosynthesis ( Souleyre et al., 2014 ). In this study, the oleaginous yeast mutant Po1g strain and the

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Peter B. Ojong, Victor Njiti, Zibao Guo, Ming Gao, Samuel Besong, and Sandra L. Barnes

Bohm, B.A. 1987 Intraspecific flavonoid variation Bot. Rev. 53 197 279 Borges, C. Martinho, P. Martins, A. Rauter, A.P. Ferreira, Almoster. 2001 Structural characterization of

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Suping Zhou, Roger Sauve, and Fur-Chi Chen

-length cystenine proteinase gene from P. terminalis while analyzing its mechanism for cold tolerance. This article reports the structural characterization of the encoded proteinase protein. Recent evidence demonstrates that activation of gene expression

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Shutian Tao, Danyang Wang, Cong Jin, Wei Sun, Xing Liu, Shaoling Zhang, Fuyong Gao, and Shahrokh Khanizadeh

stress J. Trop. Crop Sci. 1 23 30 Jin, Q. Yan, C.C. Qiu, J.Q. Zhang, N. Lin, Y. Cai, Y.P. 2013 Structural characterization and deposition of stone cell lignin in Dangshan Su pear Sci. Hort. 155 123 130 Lamb, C. Rubery, P. 1975 A spectrophotometric assay

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Craig S. Charron, Steven J. Britz, Roman M. Mirecki, Dawn J. Harrison, Beverly A. Clevidence, and Janet A. Novotny

unlabeled anthocyanins, which were compared with those of labeled anthocyanins with the same HPLC retention times. Structural characterization of previously reported anthocyanins has been described ( Charron et al., 2007 ; McDougall et al., 2007 ; Wu and

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Gregory E. Welbaum, Zhen-Xing Shen, Jonathan I. Watkinson, Chun-Li Wang, and Jerzy Nowak

, D. Peery, B. Potts, M. 2000 Structural characterization of the released polysaccharide of desiccation-tolerant Nostoc commune DRH-1 J. Bacteriol. 182 974 982 Holmström, K.-O. Mäntylä, E

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Wen-hui Li, Jian-rong Feng, Shi-kui Zhang, and Zhang-hu Tang

. Lin, Y. Cai, Y.P. 2013 Structural characterization and deposition of stone cell lignin in Dangshan Su pear Scientia Hort. 155 123 130 Lacombe, E. Hawkins, S. VanDoorsselaere, J. Piquemal, J. Goffner, D. Poeydomenge, O. Boudet, A.M. Grima-Pettenati, J

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Sharon Dea, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Maria Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, and Elizabeth A. Baldwin

slices subjected to osmotic dehydration Food Res. Intl. 34 207 215 Watada, A.E. Qi, L. 1999 Quality of fresh-cut produce Postharvest Biol. Technol. 15 201 205 Yashoda, H.M. Prabha, T.M. Tharanathan, R.N. 2006 Mango ripening: Chemical and structural