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Fernanda Souza Krupek, Christian T. Christensen, Charles E. Barrett, and Lincoln Zotarelli

; however, new chipping cultivars, such as Elkton ( Haynes et al., 2014 ) and Harley Blackwell ( Hutchinson et al., 2006 ), have shown promise under Florida’s environmental conditions. The current guidelines for seed piece spacing for potatoes in Florida

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Bielinski M. Santos

-row spacing on eggplant production are rare. Kogbe (1983) found that total fruit yield and number of fruit per plant increased with eggplant spacing, but not average fruit weight. Florida growers use various in-row distances to transplant eggplant, ranging

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Jeff B. Million and Thomas H. Yeager

was inversely proportional to plant leaf area and decreased at close container spacings. Beeson and Yeager (2003) measured irrigation capture by marketable-sized Viburnum odoratissimum , Ligustrum japonicum , and Rhododendron spp. in 23-cm

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Vincent M. Russo

, Pepperoncini, and cv. Mississippi Sport peppers (all C . annuum L.), fresh pod yields decreased as in-row spacing increased with some of the highest yields occurring at the closest spacing ( Decoteau and Graham, 1994 ; Kahn et al., 1997 ; Leskovar and

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Qingquan Chu, Jiangang Liu, Khaled Bali, Kelly R. Thorp, Richard Smith, and Guangyao (Sam) Wang

fixed intervals without considering the actual location of plants. When the stand before thinning was not uniform and plants were removed between set spacing, this resulted in large gaps in the rows ( Siemens et al., 2012 ). For selective thinners

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David R. Bryla and Bernadine C. Strik

high-density spacing of 0.45 m apart within rows or at a more traditional spacing of 1.2 m. Materials and Methods Study site. The study was conducted on a 0.15-ha field of northern highbush blueberry established at the North Willamette

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Bradley S. Sladek, Gerald M. Henry, and Dick L. Auld

exposure to warm temperatures favorable for growth and establishment. Beard (1973) suggested spacing zoysiagrass plugs between 15.2 and 40.6 cm on center; however, minimal research has been conducted to determine the optimum zoysiagrass plug spacing to

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Harbans L. Bhardwaj and Anwar A. Hamama

to characterize effects of cultivars, planting dates, and row spacings on seed yield, seed size, and concentrations of protein, sugars, and oil in mungbean seeds. Materials and Methods This study was conducted at Randolph Farm of Virginia State

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Ramón A. Arancibia, Cody D. Smith, Don R. LaBonte, Jeffrey L. Main, Tara P. Smith, and Arthur Q. Villordon

to plant spacing and extension of the growing period to improve profitability of the production system intended for either fresh market or the processing industry. Sweetpotato producers targeting fresh market venues strive to achieve a large

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Regina P. Bracy, Richard L. Parish, and Joe E. McCoy

Precision vegetable seeders were found to have unexpected variation in seed spacing uniformity. A belt seeder and vacuum seeder were evaluated using cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. capitata group) seeded at different seed spacings to determine if seeder uniformity improved with increasing seed spacing. Seeding uniformity of the belt seeder was not affected by seed spacing, but uniformity of the vacuum seeder was. Variation in seed spacing with the vacuum seeder was consistent in absolute units, thus seed spacing nonuniformity (expressed as a percentage of theoretical spacing) decreased with increasing seed spacing. Operating the vacuum seeder with the air pressure seed release mechanism disengaged improved seeder precision. Uniformity and precision of the belt seeder were better than that of the vacuum seeder.