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Bandara Gajanayake, K. Raja Reddy, Mark W. Shankle, and Ramon A. Arancibia

early season (first 20 d) has a direct and significant impact on storage root initiation and thus final yield. Sweetpotato is grown as a rain-fed crop in Mississippi and subjected to fluctuating soil moisture conditions in the field. Sweetpotato is also

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Ben Faber, James Downer, and Lori Yates

Soil moisture status can be measured using neutron probes, time domain reflectometry, tensiometers, gravimetric methods, and electrical resistance blocks. Most methods have limitations; they may be time-consuming (gravimetric), expensive (neutron probe, time domain), or fixed in place (tensiometer, gypsum block, and neutron probe) (Schmugge, 1980; Weems, 1991). Water management in droughty, urban areas of the country would benefit from identification of a portable, fast, and relatively inexpensive soil moisture measuring device suitable for use in urban lawns and gardens. In this study, we have identified an instrument that may be suitable for this purpose.

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Joan R. Davenport, Robert G. Stevens, and Kelly M. Whitley

grapes have been shown to have the highest periods of moisture demand in a double sigmoidal curve that parallels berry development ( Klein, 1983 ; Stevens and Harvey, 1996 ). Furthermore, soil moisture depletion under drip irrigation has been

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Gerald Henry, Rebecca Grubbs, Chase Straw, Kevin Tucker, and Jared Hoyle

). Previous research examining the response of turfgrass species to soil moisture has predominantly focused on field and container studies that are limited in their design and implementation ( Aronson et al., 1987 ; Carrow, 1996 ; Hook and Hanna, 1994

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Megan E. O’Rourke and Jessica Petersen

indications that weeds are more problematic in strip-till compared with no-till and conventional-till systems ( Hoyt et al., 1994 ; Morse, 1999 ). It is also unclear whether erosion control and soil moisture retention will be as great in strip-till as no

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Erin R. Haramoto and Daniel C. Brainard

compared with CT ( Licht and Al-Kaisi, 2005 ; Overstreet and Hoyt, 2008 ), whereas soil moisture is typically higher in this location ( Hoyt and Konsler, 1988 ). Differences between IR and BR in ST may be heightened when cover crops are used. Surface

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Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, Sue K. Dove, and Marc W. van Iersel

capacitance soil moisture sensors require less maintenance and provide data that are easier to interpret than tensiometers, VWC may be the most useful measurement for automating irrigation systems ( Nemali et al., 2007 ). Capacitance sensors allow for easy

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Daniel C. Brainard, John Bakker, D. Corey Noyes, and Norm Myers

rye ( Secale cereale ) effectively suppressed weeds without suppressing the crop in years where rainfall was adequate but reduced crop yields in low rainfall years attributable in part to competition for soil moisture ( Ateh and Doll, 1996 ; Robinson

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Gilbert Miller, Ahmad Khalilian, Jeffrey W. Adelberg, Hamid J. Farahani, Richard L. Hassell, and Christina E. Wells

watermelons ( Citrullus lanatus cv. Wrigley) grown under polyethylene mulch; and (2) to quantify root distribution and root length density of grafted and ungrafted watermelons under adequate and deficient soil moisture treatments. We hypothesized that the

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Tong Zhang, Yingjie Yan, Chuantong Li, Junmei Liu, Dongxue Yin, Xiangying Xiong, Wei Liu, and Yueqin Yang

and soil moisture are important environmental factors regulating seed life activities ( Yan et al., 2011 ). Seed germination and seedling establishment of most of plant depend on light. Light intensity, light quality, and light duration can be sensed