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Susan C. Miyasaka, Jeff B. Million, Nguyen V. Hue, and Charles E. McCulloch

. Meisner, H.P. Stene, D.T. Matsuyama, and C.A. Ritch for their assistance in soil preparation, establishment and maintenance of avocado seedlings, grafting, data collection, and data entry. Also, we thank C.K. Miura of the Univ. of Hawaii–Hilo for her

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Elvis A. Takow, Edward W. Hellman, Andrew G. Birt, Maria D. Tchakerian, and Robert N. Coulson

establishment guided, in part, by a feasibility study conducted by Texas A&M University ( Perry and Bowen, 1974 ). The study systematically analyzed the state for climate, soils, water availability, and risk factors; many of these factors were summarized with

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Lamprini Tassoula, Maria Papafotiou, Georgios Liakopoulos, and Georgios Kargas

plant ( Sage, 2001 ) and includes laticifers that contribute to its defense against herbivores ( Fineran et al., 1988 ). It prefers calciferous and alkaline soil, full sun, good drainage, and it sprouts up in rocky coastal areas; it is cold hardy to −9

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W.G. Harris, M. Chrysostome, T.A. Obreza, and V.D. Nair

government, and important quality of life items (like food!). However, Florida's high water tables and/or sandy soil textures in conjunction with vulnerable surface and groundwater present challenges to sustainable horticulture. Optimizing horticultural

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Sharon J.B. Knewtson, Rhonda Janke, M.B. Kirkham, Kimberly A. Williams, and Edward E. Carey

( Knewtson et al., 2010 ). Variety and fertility trials in high tunnels in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska began in 2002 ( Jett, 2004 ; Kadir et al., 2006 ; Zhao et al., 2007 ). However, the effect that cropping under high tunnels has on soil quality is

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Shawna Loper, Amy L. Shober, Christine Wiese, Geoffrey C. Denny, Craig D. Stanley, and Edward F. Gilman

resulting in significant disturbance to soils. Studies have shown that urban soils often lack natural soil horizons ( Jim, 1998 ), are significantly compacted ( Gregory et al., 2006 ; Jim, 1998 ), can have alkaline pH ( Jim, 1998 ; Law et al., 2004 ), and

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Marco Bittelli

Soil water content has an important impact on many fundamental biophysical processes. It affects the germination of seeds, plant growth and nutrition, microbial decomposition of the soil organic matter, nutrient transformations in the root zone, as

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Jennifer Moore-Kucera, Anita Nina Azarenko, Lisa Brutcher, Annie Chozinski, David D. Myrold, and Russell Ingham

managers in determining which soil tests they should use and which best management practice recommendations they should adopt. A well-defined, multiobjective decision-making framework is needed to evaluate management decisions with regard to their

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Maria Gannett, Marvin P. Pritts, and Johannes Lehmann

The future of food production relies on the ability of soil to support high yields of food crops over the long term. Predicting the ability of soil to sustain high yields requires tests spanning chemical, physical, and biological properties. An

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Feras Almasri, Husein A. Ajwa, Sanjai J. Parikh, and Kassim Al-Khatib

During the past 55 years, methyl bromide (MeBr) has been the most effective soil fumigant for controlling soil pests in California high-value crops ( Johnson et al., 2012 ). MeBr is a highly effective biocide that has a consistent and broad pest