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Vladimir Orbović, Manjul Dutt, and Jude W. Grosser

affect the juice quality and marketability of fruit destined for fresh consumption. However, effects of seasonal changes of these commercially important features on seed viability and seedling vigor from those seeds have not been previously investigated

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Stanislav V. Magnitskiy, Claudio C. Pasian, Mark A. Bennett, and James D. Metzger

growing plants, David Tay for help with seed coating equipment and technique, and Bert Bishop for assistance in data analysis. Salaries and research support were provided in part by State and Federal funds appropriated to the Ohio Agricultural Research and

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Stanislav V. Magnitskiy, Claudio C. Pasian, Mark A. Bennett, and James D. Metzger

Determination of plant growth regulator accumulation in fruits and vegetables for human consumption is an important safety issue even when it is applied to seeds. Paclobutrazol accumulated preferentially in the seedcoats when soaking cucumber (Cucumis sativus L., cv. Poinsett 76SR) seeds in 1000 or 4000 mg·L–1 paclobutrazol. Cucumber plants grown from seeds soaked in 1000 mg·L–1 paclobutrazol had lower average fruit weights than the control plants. Individual fruit length in cucumber was reduced by 40% when seeds were soaked in 1000 mg·L–1 paclobutrazol solutions for 180 minutes. Soaking tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L., cv. Sun 6108) seeds in 0 to 1000 mg·L–1 paclobutrazol did not reduce average fruit weight or diameter per treatment. Paclobutrazol residue was not detected in cucumber and tomato fruits harvested from plants grown from seeds soaked in 1000 mg·L–1 paclobutrazol for 180 minutes. Soaking seeds in paclobutrazol solutions represents a promising method of applying plant growth regulators to tomato and cucumber without accumulation of paclobutrazol residue in fruits.

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A.G. Taylor

173 WORKSHOP 29 Seed Storage

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R.L. Sayers

91 WORKSHOP 8 (Abstr. 1042-1045) Seed Vigor Testing and Utilization

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David Cross and Roger Styer

133 POSTER SESSION 20 Seed Establishment/Cross-Commodity

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Fuad Gasi, Naris Pojskić, Mirsad Kurtovic, Clive Kaiser, Stein Harald Hjeltnes, Milica Fotiric-Aksic, and Mekjell Meland

significantly lower than other pear varieties grown in Norway ( Meland and Frøynes, 2014 ). Yields vary significantly between different orchards in the Hardanger region within any one growing season and parthenocarpy may play a role. Seeds extracted from

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Alan G. Taylor

Oral Session 34—Seed and Stand Establishment Moderator: Gene M. Miyao 21 July 2005, 2:00–3:00 p.m. Room 105

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David Tay and Xiaolei Hu

Poster Session 17–Seed and Stand Establishment 19 July 2005, 12:00–12:45 p.m., Poster Hall–Ballroom E/F

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Yan-Ling Zheng and Huan-Cheng Ma

Seed deterioration is expressed as the loss of quality, viability, and vigor during aging. Several comprehensive reviews have identified free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation, enzyme inactivation or protein degradation, disruption of cellular