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James M. Rutledge, Daniel V. Weisenberger, and Zachary J. Reicher

·ha −1 a.i. 2 and 4 weeks after emergence did not result in significant cover reduction 9 weeks after the initial application. However, no BYS treatments were safe on seedling CBG at the Connecticut site in the same report. Early applications of SUL on

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Chunyang Zhang, Jiefang Wu, Danwen Fu, Limin Wang, Jiezhen Chen, Changhe Cai, and Liangxi Ou

selected from seedlings ( Menzel, 1985 ). The germination performance of seeds and the seed placement in sowing are important to achieve seedlings ( Aou-ouad et al., 2014 ; de Andrade et al., 2004 ). Litchi seeds are considered to be “recalcitrant,” due to

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Waltram Ravelombola, Ainong Shi, Jun Qin, Yuejin Weng, Gehendra Bhattarai, Bazgha Zia, Wei Zhou, and Beiquan Mou

heterogeneity due to uncontrolled factors, such as temperature and water transmission within soils, could significantly affect field results. The seedling stage is one of the most sensitive stages to drought stress in cowpea ( Agbicodo et al., 2009

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Carme Biel, Robert Savé, Abdessamad Habrouk, Josep Maria Espelta, and Javier Retana

Extensive areas occupied by Pinus nigra forests in Spain have burned in recent years. Recovery of these forests depends upon reforestation. In this study, we analyze the combined effects of different treatments of water restriction and air enrichment with CO2 in the nursery as a means to increase hardening and vigor of P. nigra seedlings of various ages (recently germinated, 1- and 2-year-old) and their post-transplant performance in a burned area. In all cases, 2-year-old seedlings showed the highest specific leaf weight and low cuticular transpiration rates. CO2 enrichment increased total biomass, leaf biomass and leaf area of seedlings while water restriction decreased leaf area, leaf biomass, and stem biomass, without any significant interaction between both experimental factors. Younger (recently germinated and 1-year-old) seedlings showed a larger relative response to the experimental factors than 2-year-old seedlings. After transplanting, the previous CO2 and water treatments did not affect seedling survival, but 2-year-old seedlings showed the lowest mortality rates.

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Qi Zhang and Kevin Rue

. Germination and seedling growth are more sensitive to salt stress than vegetative growth because of salt accumulations in surface soil resulting from evaporation, percolation, and capillary rise of water ( Almansouri et al., 2001 ). Impact of salinity on

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B. G. Cobb, D. L. Andrews, D. M. MacAlpine, J. R. Johnson, and M. C. Drew

120 COLLOQUIUM 3 (Abstr. 1000-1005) Seedling Morphological and Physiological Adaptation to Abiotic Stress

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Gabriele Amoroso, Piero Frangi, Riccardo Piatti, Francesco Ferrini, Alessio Fini, and Marco Faoro

into the soil profile resulting in reduced root growth. Root deformation is common in plug-grown seedlings after planting ( Blanusa et al., 2007 ; Landis et al., 1990 ). Loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda L.) seedling growth after transplanting was

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Burton J. Hoyle

38 ORAL SESSION 8 (Abstr. 055–062) Vegetable Crops: Seedling Establishment

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Wei-Ting Tsai and Chien-Young Chu

this study, we investigated raising normal Doritaenopsis seedlings from seeds in a static liquid medium. Materials and Methods Materials Capsules of Doritaenopsis [( Dtps . Tinny Antique × Dtps . Sinica Peeress) × Dtps . Sogo Beach] were

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Elise B. Benhase and John G. Jelesko

invasive plant, there is rather limited knowledge about T. radicans germination patterns. Two prior studies suggest that T. radicans drupes require scarification to initiate seedling germination. One study focused on T. radicans seed dispersal by