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Orlanda Cristina Barros Moreira, José Martins, Luís Silva and Mónica Moura

, corresponding to visible radicle emergence (≈2 to 3 mm long), was monitored at weekly intervals for 24 weeks. Seedling growth. After radicle emergence, seedling development was followed until the emergence of the third leaf pair. Three replicates of 30

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Patrick Conner

time needed to produce a saleable tree. Propagation of pecan trees is directly influenced by the growth pattern of pecan seedlings. Pecan seedling growth begins with the root, which will extend into the soil 30 cm or more before the hypocotyl emerges

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Mohammed El-Sayed El-Mahrouk, Yaser Hassan Dewir and Salah El-Hendawy

continuation of that research, the objective of the present study was to evaluate pure SGFW and different SGFW-based substrates as alternatives to coir and vermiculite for seed germination and seedling growth of ‘Mrs. Burns’ lemon basil. Materials and methods

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Manjul Dutt and Robert Geneve

vigor tests are based on germination behavior ( Hampton and TeKrony, 1995 ). These include normal germination percentage after a stress imposition, germination speed (time to radicle protrusion), and early seedling growth following germination. Tests

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Benjamin K. Hoover

documented. The primary objective was to assess the effects of coconut shell biochar in propagation substrate on seed germination and seedling growth for these three species. A secondary objective was to examine the relationship between digital imaging data

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Qi Zhang, Liqi Yang and Kevin Rue

this study was to compare the drought tolerance of 23 commonly used creeping bentgrass cultivars at the seedling growth stage. Materials and methods Twenty-three creeping bentgrass cultivars used in this study are listed in Table 1 . Seeds were

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Haiyan Zhang

optimized by alternating temperatures of 25/35 °C ( Cuzzuol and Lucas, 1999 ). Also, light requirement for germination can vary with temperature ( Smith, 1982 ). Seed size is a factor that is associated with seed germination and seedling growth ( Farhoudi

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Norman Q. Arancon, Archana Pant, Theodore Radovich, Nguyen V. Hue, Jesse K. Potter and Chad E. Converse

. Vermicompost tea has been studied mainly for its effect on disease suppression and yield of some horticultural plant species, whereas there is limited information on the effects of vermicompost extracts on the germination and early seedling growth of vegetable

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Michael W. Olszewski, Courtney A. Young and Joel B. Sheffield

were counted as those not possessing essential structures required to produce a healthy, mature plant ( AOSA, 2007b ). After 3 weeks of seedling growth, plants were cut at the substrate surface and seedling dry weight determined (oven drying at 80 °C

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Manoj G. Kulkarni, Glendon D. Ascough and Johannes Van Staden

factors, which can result in poor seedling growth affecting the yield of the crop; these include temperature fluctuations, poor soil structure, insufficient nutrient availability, soil salinity, and water stress ( Orzolek, 1991 ). To overcome these