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Pinchas Spiegel-Roy, Aliza Vardi, Yosef Yaniv, Luba Fanberstein, Avraham Elhanati, and Nir Carmi

cold-sensitive and is therefore cultivated in regions with mild winters. When fruit development is separated from fertilization and seed development, the resulting parthenocarpic fruits are seedless ( Fos et al., 2000 ; Robinson and Reiners, 1999

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Dario J. Chavez and José X. Chaparro

Seedless or low seed content is an important trait for fresh and processed citrus fruit in the United States and the world. Yamasaki et al. (2007) described how seedlessness in citrus can be produced by several factors, including self

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Aliza Vardi, Ilan Levin, and Nir Carmi

. Seeded grape ( Vitis vinifera L.), citrus, and watermelon ( Citrullus lanatus Thunb.) were long accepted by consumers. However, during the past few decades, consumer interest in seedless fruit has increased, and seedlessness has become an important

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Jeong Ho Roh, Youn Young Hur, Sung Min Jung, Kyo Sun Park, Hae Keun Yun, Jong Chul Nam, Hae Sung Hwang, Dong Jun Im, and Kyong Ho Chung

‘Hongju’ is a seedless table grape developed by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) grape breeding program in Korea. With increasing imports of table grapes from Chile and the United States, Korean consumers largely prefer seedless table

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Youn Young Hur, Su Jin Kim, Jeong Ho Roh, Kyo Sun Park, Hae Keun Yun, Jong Chul Nam, Sung Min Jung, Sang Uk Koh, Dong Jun Im, Dong Hoon Lee, Seo June Park, and Kyong Ho Chung

‘Shiny Star’ is a cold-hardy seedless table grape developed by the Rural Development Administration (RDA) grape breeding program in Korea. In recent years, table grapes from Chile and the United States have been increasingly imported to Korea. The

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Gilbert Miller and Jeremy Greene

Polyform, Inc., Morrow, GA). Watermelon plants were transplanted and watered in by hand on 24 Apr. each year. Mickylee (BASF Nunhems) plants were used as pollinizers at a one pollinizer plant to three seedless plants ratio. The cotton variety DP1050B2RF

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Wenjing Guan, Daniel S. Egel, Larry D. Sutterer, and Alexander D. Plummer

Seedless cucumber, also known as greenhouse cucumber, is a popular and high-value crop found in many local food markets. Like tomato, cucumber is sold for premium prices in early-season markets ( Curtis et al., 2012 ). Seedless cucumber plants are

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Atsu Yamasaki, Akira Kitajima, Norihiro Ohara, Mitsutoshi Tanaka, and Kojiro Hasegawa

Seedlessness is one of the most important breeding objectives in citrus. Seedlessness is caused by several factors such as self-incompatibility, male or female sterility, early arrested seed after fertilization, and so on. However, self

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S. Alan Walters

also thin and tough. The flesh should be dark red, crisp, sweet, and seedless ( Maynard and Perkins-Veazie, 2004 ). Although extensive work has been done to identify high-yielding mini triploid watermelon cultivars ( Maynard and Perkins-Veazie, 2004

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John R. Clark, Taunya Ernst, Amanda J. Vance, and Bernadine C. Strik

‘Compassion’ seedless table grape is the newest cultivar ( Vitis hybrid) released by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, bringing to 13, the total number of releases from the program ( Clark, 2010 ; Clark and Moore, 2013 ). It