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Alex J. Lindsey, Joseph DeFrank, and Zhiqiang Cheng

treatments with topramezone or mesotrione alone. Bermudagrass safening (reduced turf discoloration) to topramezone bleaching has been reported with addition of chelated iron to the tank mix ( Boyd et al., 2016 ). Normally, the addition of a photosystem II

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Giovanni A. Caputo, Phillip A. Wadl, Lambert McCarty, Jeff Adelberg, Katherine M. Jennings, and Matthew Cutulle

Weed competition is a main factor limiting sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam] production. Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L.) is a problematic weed to control due to its ability to quickly infest a field and generate high numbers of tubes and shoots. Compounding this is the lack of a registered herbicide for selective postemergence control of yellow nutsedge. Research was conducted to evaluate the bentazon dose response of two sweetpotato cultivars and one advanced clone and to evaluate the plant hormone melatonin to determine its ability to safen bentazon post emergence. Bioassays using Murashige and Skoog (MS) media supplemented with melatonin (0.232 g a.i./L and 0.023 g a.i./L) and bentazon (0.24 g a.i./L) were conducted to evaluate the effect of bentazon on sweetpotato and to determine the interactive response of the Beauregard cultivar to bentazon and exogenous applications of melatonin. Beauregard swas the most tolerant cultivar and required dosages of bentazon that were two-times higher to cause the same injury compared with other cultivars. MS media containing melatonin and bentazon showed fewer injuries and higher plant mass than plants treated with bentazon alone. These results indicate that sweetpotato injury caused by bentazon may be reduced by melatonin.

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Darren E. Robinson, Nader Soltani, Christy Shropshire, and Peter H. Sikkema

addition of cyprosulfamide safened the POST treatments of isoxaflutole ( Table 2 ). PRE applications of isoxaflutole alone or with cyprosulfamide did not cause greater than 3% visible injury; however, the POST isoxaflutole treatment (210 g a.i./ha) caused

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seashore paspalum injury. They found the addition of metribuzin and/or ethofumesate to the tank mix safened (i.e., reduced turf discoloration) seashore paspalum to topramezone or mesotrione foliar bleaching. They also determined that the highest level of

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Andrew J. Hephner, Tyler Cooper, Leslie L. Beck, and Gerald M. Henry

khakiweed foliage in response to carfentrazone may reduce sulfonylurea translocation, therefore decreasing long-term control. Hutchinson et al. (2006) theorized a similar mechanism for metribuzin safening the phytotoxic effects of sulfentrazone applied

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Tyler Cooper, Leslie L. Beck, Chase M. Straw, and Gerald M. Henry

.S. Sorochan, J.C. Mueller, T.C. Samples, T.J. Breeden, G.K. 2010 Efficacy and safening of aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides when tank-mixed with triclopyr for bermudagrass control in zoysiagrass turf Weed Technol. 24 489 494 Lingenfelter, D.D. Curran, W

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Joshua J. Skelton, William Sharp, and Bruce E. Branham

, damaged tissue is quickly removed through mowing after applications stop. Further research into the addition of a safening agent may help to reduce the negative aesthetic results from mesotrione but maintain weed control. Further research is also needed on

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Giovanni Antoniaci Caputo, Sandra Branham, and Matthew Cutulle

safening of bentazon by melatonin in sweetpotato ( Ipomoea batatas ) HortScience 55 1406 1410 10.21273/HORTSCI15128-20 10.21273/HORTSCI15128-20 Caverzan, A. Piasecki, C. Chavarria, G. 2019 Defense against ROS in crops and weed: The effectsof

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Marcellus Washington, Mark Farnham, David Couillard, H. Tyler Campbell, Brian K. Ward, and Matthew Cutulle

southeastern broccoli production Crop Prot. Caputo, G.A. Wadl, P.A. McCarty, L. Adelberg, J. Jennings, K.M. Cutulle, M.A. 2020 In vitro safening of bentazon by melatonin in sweetpotato ( Ipomoe

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Christian M. Baldwin, Eugene K. Blythe, A. Douglas Brede, Jami J. Mayer, and R. Golembiewski

, G.K. 2010 Efficacy and safening of aryloxyphenoxypropionate herbicides when tank-mixed with triclopyr for bermudagrass control in zoysiagrass turf Weed Technol. 24 489 494 McCullough, P.E. Hart, S.E. 2006 Temperature influences creeping bentgrass