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Neil S. Mattson and Marc W. van Iersel

, 2008 ). Environmental health Timing fertilizer application is also important to reduce losses to the external environment. By applying nutrients at the right time and matching supply and demand, crop nutrient uptake efficiency is high. When nutrient

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Robert L. Mikkelsen

illustration of the 4R framework for fertilizer best management practices. Selecting the right nutrient source, applied at the right rate, right time, and right place, helps to achieve crop management objectives of productivity, profitability, sustainability

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Hisayuki Kudo and Takeo Harada

, T. 2005 FD, a bZIP protein mediating signals from the floral pathway integrator FT at the shoot apex Science 309 1052 1056 Blázquez, M.A. 2005 The right time and place for making flowers Science 309 1024

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Yunmi Park, Seok-Woo Lee, Soon-ho Kwon, and Hae Yun Kwon

. White, M. Tapper, N. Livesley, S.J. Ramirez-Lovering, D. 2020 Right tree, right place, right time: A visual-functional design approach to select and place trees for optimal shade benefit to commuting pedestrians Sustain Cities Soc. 52 101816 doi: 10

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Bielinski M. Santos

.R. Khaleel, R. Overcash, M.R. Westerman, P.W. 1979 A nonpoint source model for land areas receiving animal wastes: II. Ammonia volatilization Trans. Amer. Soc. Agr. Eng. 22 1398 1405 Roberts, T.L. 2007 Right product, right rate, right time and right place

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Clinton C. Shock, Erik B.G. Feibert, Alicia Rivera, Lamont D. Saunders, Nancy Shaw, and Francis F. Kilkenny

. 2015 The right seed in the right place at the right time Bioscience 65 955 956 Olwell, P. Riibe, L. 2016 National seed strategy: Restoring pollinator habitat begins with the right seed in the right place at the right time Nat. Areas J. 36 363 365

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Ai-Rong Li, Kai-Yun Guan, and Robin J. Probert

of incubation suggests a soil seed bank for some Pedicularis species that have developed such a mechanism to ensure that only a proportion of seeds germinated at one time. Thus, the remainder survive in a dormant condition, waiting for the right

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Malcolm W. Smith, Jeremy D. Bright, Mark D. Hoult, Richard A. Renfree, Tony Maddern, and Neil Coombes

, but the former was almost 30% smaller in tree size and therefore would be cheaper to manage and harvest. Thus, a number of genotypes offer similar economic returns in terms of high yields of good-sized fruit at the right time of the season, but a

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Lingxiao Zhang and S Kyei-Boahen

also contain a lower percentage of gas-producing starches. Harvesting vegetable soybeans at the right time is critical for maximum texture and flavor ( Johnson, 2000 ; Wszelaki et al., 2005 ), because loss of quality occurs when pods turn yellow. Beans

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Jean-Pierre Goffart, Marguerite Olivier, and Marc Frankinet

increases in N fertilizer prices that should encourage more careful input management. It is therefore essential to develop tools and strategies for potato farmers that help them apply the right amount of N at the right time in the right place. Splitting