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John A. Cline and Eric J. Hanson

Abbreviation: RH, relative humidity. 1 Current address: Horticulture Research International, Crop Science-Perennial Crops Division, East Malling, Kent ME19 6BJ, England. 2 Associate Professor. We acknowledge the Michigan Agricultural Experiment

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Elizabeth Mitcham, Claire Adkison, Nico Lingga, and Veronique Bikoba

relative humidity is generally not monitored or maintained, especially for bulk storage. After hulling and before storage, whole English walnuts are dried to a moisture content of 8%. This moisture content reduces the growth of microorganisms in the

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Claire Adkison, Kelly Richmond, Nico Lingga, Veronique Bikoba, and Elizabeth Mitcham

activity have been discussed for many foodstuffs ( Nelson and Labuza, 1992 ). Multiplying the water activity by 100 yields the equilibrium relative humidity, describing how a substance equilibrates to the relative humidity of its surroundings. However

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Eric W. Kerschen, Caleb Garten, Kimberly A. Williams, and Melanie M. Derby

Environmental Research, Manhattan, to quantify the effect of root medium evaporation and plant transpiration on relative humidity. This layout was used for each of 12 runs of the experiment. All measurements are in feet; 1 ft = 0.3048 m. Test stand. The test

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Brian A. Krug, Brian E. Whipker, Ingram McCall, and Jonathan Frantz

Boron moves passively into plants from the roots to the shoots through the transpiration stream through the xylem ( Jones, 1991 ; Kochian, 1991 ; Kohl and Oertli, 1961 ; Raven, 1980 ). Relative humidity can be a major factor influencing the rate

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Dominique-André Demers, Martine Dorais, and Athanasios P. Papadopoulos

russeting was more severe in the summer than in the fall and spring seasons, suggesting a possible implication of climatic conditions [light, temperature, relative humidity (RH)]. Huang and Snapp (2004) found that shoulder check, a disorder similar to

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Marlon Retana-Cordero, Samson Humphrey, and Celina Gómez

severity measured in four tomato cultivars grown under different radiation quality and relative humidity treatments in Expt. 2. Our findings support results from studies illustrating the positive effect of FR radiation to suppress intumescence in

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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, Orville C. Baldos, and Ruijun Qin

, therefore the water volumes to produce their saturated salt solutions were based on the LiCl calibration. Table 3. Desiccation chamber relative humidity (RH) calibration using saturated lithium chloride. The optimal RH level of 12.5% was obtained by adding 6

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Ahmad Shirazi and Arthur C. Cameron

The feasibility of controlling relative humidity in modified atmosphere packages using compounds possessing Type III sorption isotherm behavior was studied. Ten grams each of dry sorbitol, xylitol, NaCl, KCl, or CaCl2 sealed with one maturegreen tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) fruit at 20C in simulated packages for 48 days resulted in stable relative humidities of ≈75%, 80%, 75%, 85%, and 35%, respectively. Relative humidity was a function of the ratio of chemical to fruit mass. Relative humidities within control packages were in the range of 96% to 100% throughout the experiments. A simple system that uses spunbonded polyethylene pouches for the application of this humidity control method to packages is described. The storage life of packaged red-ripe tomato fruit at 20C was extended from 5 days using no pouch to 15 to 17 days with a pouch containing NaCl, mainly by retardation of surface mold development.

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R J Henny


Abstract. Aglaonema crispum (Pitcher & manda) Nicols., A. pictum (Roxb.) Kunth and A. commutatum Schott ‘Treubii’ inflorescences pollinated at high (100%) relative humidity (RH) showed excellent in vivo pollen germination. Inflorescences pollinated at low (40% to 50%) RH revealed significantly less germination than those pollinated at high RH. Pollen exposed to low RH for 4 hr before pollination did not germinate.