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Andrew P. Nyczepir and Bruce W. Wood

Peach tree short life (PTSL) is associated with the presence of ring nematode, Mesocriconema xenoplax, and poor orchard management practices. The ability of postplant nickel (Ni) foliar application to suppress M. xenoplax population density and thereby prolong survival of peach trees on a PTSL site infested with M. xenoplax was investigated from 2004 to 2011. For this study, the site was divided into plots, which received the following treatments: 1) Ni (foliar-applied); 2) methyl bromide fumigation (MBr); and 3) an untreated control. Peach trees were planted into all plots in Mar. 2005 and the foliar Ni treatment was applied three times in 2005 and 2006. Nickel did not detectably suppress M. xenoplax populations as compared with MBr fumigation. The protective effect of MBr fumigation in suppressing M. xenoplax population density persisted for 27 months after orchard establishment. Trees receiving multiple foliar Ni applications at 0.45 g·L−1 over 2 years, while exposed to M. xenoplax, exhibited greater PTSL mortality than trees growing in untreated or MBr-fumigated plots. These results suggest that foliar applications of Ni to peach trees, growing on a PTSL site, should be used with caution in commercial orchards because these treatments can deleteriously disrupt tree metabolic/physiological processes sufficient to increase the incidence of PTSL tree mortality.

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Andre Luiz Biscaia Ribeiro da Silva, Joara Secchi Candian, Elizanilda Ramalho do Rego, Timothy Coolong, and Bhabesh Dutta

Little, E.L. 2019 2016 Georgia plant disease loss estimates. Univ. Georgia Coop. Ext. Serv. Bul. AP 102–9 Lema, M. Soengas, P. Velasco, P. Francisco, M. Cartea, M. 2011 Identification of sources of resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

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Matthew R. Chappell, Sarah A. White, Amy F. Fulcher, Anthony V. LeBude, Gary W. Knox, and Jean-Jacques B. Dubois > Little, E. Brannen, P. Brock, J. Dutta, B. Jagdale, G. Jogi, A. Kemerait, B. Martinez-Espinoza, A. Williams-Woodward, J. 2014 Georgia plant disease loss estimates, 2014. Univ. Georgia Coop. Ext. Serv. Bul. AP 102-7 Long, J.S. 1997 Regression

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Timothy Coolong

antiviral response associated with changes in viral small RNAs Phytopathology 98 1029 1037 Horton, D. 2016 2016 Georgia pest management handbook. Vol. 1. Univ. Georgia Coop. Ext. Serv. Bul. SB-28-1 Martinez, A.E. 2013 2013 Georgia plant disease loss

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Timothy W. Coolong, Ronald R. Walcott, and William M. Randle

Williams-Woodward, J.L. 2001 2001 Georgia plant disease loss estimates. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service Bull Path 01-002 18 Wong, M.L. Medrano, J.F. 2005 Real-time PCR for mRNA quantitation

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Timothy W. Coolong and William M. Randle

analysis and flavor perception for onion pungency determination HortScience 27 1029 1030 Williams-Woodward, J.L. 2001 2001 Georgia plant disease loss estimates Univ. of GA Coop. Ext. Serv. Path 01-002 Yoo, K