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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, Makoto Kiyota, Yuichiro Nagasaka, and Shinya Kawaguchi

air velocity near the canopy were measured with a thermocouple (T-type, 0.1-mm diameter) and an anemometer (Anemomaster model 6071; Kanomax Japan Inc., Suita, Japan), respectively. The photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) in the greenhouse was measured

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Carl E. Niedziela Jr., Mary A. Depa, Paul V. Nelson, Daniel H. Willits, Mary M. Peet, David A. Dickey, and Nancy C. Mingis

concentration during daylight hours, daily total photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ), and mean day and night air temperatures at the top of the plant canopy over 5 weeks in three experiments. Greenhouse facilities. This study was conducted in Raleigh, NC (lat. 35

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Ben Wherley, Ambika Chandra, Anthony Genovesi, Mason Kearns, Tim Pepper, and Jim Thomas

measured under moderate [32% photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF )] shade. z Table 3. St. augustinegrass parameters measured under heavy [15% photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF )] shade. z Final green cover. Scores for final green cover showed a similar range of

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Amy L. Burton, Svoboda V. Pennisi, and Marc W. van Iersel

material, growers need production guidelines for irradiance, temperature, and nutrition regimes, as well as growth control. The majority of tropical foliage plants are produced for use indoors. Generally, photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) in postharvest

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Zengqiang Ma, Shishang Li, Meijun Zhang, Shihao Jiang, and Yulan Xiao

, artificial light is the sole light source for plant growth; photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ), CO 2 concentration, air temperature, relative humidity, and air speed are well controlled for optimizing plant productivity and quality. The major advantages of

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James E. Faust, Pamela C. Korczynski, and Uttara C. Samarakoon

(green or white), and container content (plant or no plant) on photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) interception and red to far-red light ratio (R:FR) (n = 3). Fig. 2. Effect of hanging basket density, container color (green or white), and container content

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Jiunn-Yan Hou, Tim L. Setter, and Yao-Chien Alex Chang

leaves; however, they possess the ability to reacclimate to high light ( Lin and Hsu, 2004 ). Net photosynthetic rate of Phalaenopsis saturates at 130 to 180 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) ( Lootens and Heursel, 1998 ; Ota et al

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Heidi Marie Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle

photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) of 160 µmol·m −2 ·s –1 . The subscript values after each LED type represent its percentage of the total PPF , and values in parentheses are the estimated phytochrome photoequilibrium ( Sager et al., 1988 ). Table 1. Actual air

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Jongyun Kim, Seung Won Kang, Chun Ho Pak, and Mi Seon Kim

weeks after plants were placed under different indoor light intensities [photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF )]. Error bar indicates mean ± se (n = 5). Q indicates quadratic response to PPF , and log L indicates linear response to log PPF . ***, **, and

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Johshin Tsuruyama and Toshio Shibuya

shown in Fig. 2 . Fig. 2. Changes in the photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ), air temperature, and vapor-pressure deficit (VPD) in the greenhouse (Hananoumi Co., Ltd.), in which strawberry seedlings were grown as the control during the treatment period