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Eric E. Roos


Coated and raw (uncoated) lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) seed obtained from commercial sources were subjected to 6 storage conditions (ranging from 21° C, 90% relative humidity (RH) to 5°, 40% RH) for a period of 3 years. Four types of packaging material differing in moisture-barrier properties were used. Samples were removed periodically for moisture and germination tests. Under poor storage conditions, coated seed deteriorated more rapidly than the raw seed controls. Under favorable storage conditions, both coated and raw seed retained full viability for the 3 years.

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L.G.M. Gorris and H.W. Peppelenbos

There has been a recent upsurge in the application of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of food products that rapidly deteriorate. Although these techniques are mostly used with nonrespiring products, both offer considerable prospects for respiring products as well. Because not all commodities respire at the same pace, packaging conditions, such as the initial gas atmosphere applied, the type of packaging material used, and the storage temperature, require special consideration. Choosing the wrong packaging conditions may lead to loss of product quality and also may impair the microbiological safety normally associated with fresh fruits and vegetables. This paper stresses the importance of these considerations with modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging systems.

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Victor Rodov, Batia Horev, Yakov Vinokur, Azica Copel, Yair Aharoni, and Nehemia Aharoni

Vegetable Board of Israel. We are grateful to Mr. Shimshon Omer (Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Israel, the Extension Service) and Mr. Shlomo Basher for supplying the fruit, and to StePac L.A., Ltd. for providing the packaging material. Mention of a

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Penelope Perkins-Veazie and Gene Lester

organic fruit be packed in separate boxes preventing contact with conventional products and be labeled as organic. In addition, the packaging materials for organic fruit cannot contain prohibited substances. For instance, packing material impregnated with

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, M. Aslam Khan, M. Qasim, Tanveer Ahmad, and A.S. Khan

preservatives, cold storage facilities at farm level, packaging materials, and transportation modes. Growers were also asked about marketing, including how they manage production for special occasions, destination markets, and exporting. A pilot survey of the

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Masahiko Fumuro and Naoki Sakurai

extend the storage life of mango fruits by investigating ripening ( Medlicott et al., 1990 ), temperature and storage periods ( Bustamante et al., 1997 ; Chaplin et al., 1991 ; Medlicott et al., 1990 ; Ueda et al., 2001 ), and packaging materials

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Ammon Lichter, Yohanan Zutahy, Tatiána Kaplunov, and Susan Lurie

with cardboard boxes, this trend was reversed. It has been recognized that when weekly SO 2 fumigation is used, like in the United States, instead of SO 2 pads, it is necessary to take into account the absorption of fumigants by packaging materials

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Elizabeth Mitcham, Claire Adkison, Nico Lingga, and Veronique Bikoba

1244 1250 Bakkalbaşı, E. Yılmaz, Ö.M. Javidipour, I. Artık, N. 2012 Effects of packaging materials, storage conditions and variety on oxidative stability of shelled walnuts Food Sci. Technol. 46 1

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Barbara J. Daniels-Lake, Robert K. Prange, Sonia O. Gaul, Kenneth B. McRae, Roberto de Antueno, and David McLachlan

Tindale, C.R. Whitfield, F.B. Levingston, S.D. Nguyen, T.H.L. 1989 Fungi isolated from packaging materials: Their roles in the production of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole J. Sci. Food Agr. 49 437 447 10.1002/jsfa

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, and Bruno T. Favero

+7 + BA or GA 4+7 + BA + preservative to control leaf yellowing in addition to vase life extension. Units Literature cited Ahmad, I. Dole, J.M. Saleem, M. Khan, M.A. Akram, A. Khan, A.S. 2013 Preservatives and packaging material have an impact on the post