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Liping Zhang, Chen Shen, Jipeng Wei and Wenyan Han

with different concentrations of 6-BA solution. Index measurement and methods. The plant height, the number of lateral buds (or branches), and the length of new shoots, internodes, and lateral buds (or branches) were measured 1, 2, and 5 months after 6

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Marisa Y. Thompson, Jennifer Randall, Richard J. Heerema and Dawn VanLeeuwen

individual shoots, and he concluded that GA treatments may be useful for the mitigation of AB in pecan. Exogenous application of ethephon to whole immature trees in Wood’s (2011b) study increased both the subsequent season’s percentage of new shoots with

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Oscar García-Rubio and Guadalupe Malda-Barrera

to select the most efficient combination for shoot production. Eleven apical and basal as well as 22 lateral replicates per treatment were tested. New shoot proliferation per explant and callus generation were recorded after 60 d of induction

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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, Orville C. Baldos and Glenn S. Sakamoto

effects of year and treatment ( P = 0.007), therefore results are presented by year ( Table 1 ). In 2009, there were no differences within the treatments for new shoot counts. In 2010, new growing shoot counts in herbicide-treated plots were higher than

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Ling Ma, Xingquan Rao and Xiaoyang Chen

)—had SR 2 values of zero ( Supplemental Table 1 ). In total, 60% of the plant species were able to survive in the hydroculture for more than 10 weeks, exhibiting new shoot growth and a survival rate greater than 60%. Phenotypes. Phenotypes were

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Xiao-Juan Wei, Xiao-Jing Liang, Jin-Lin Ma, Kai-Xiang Li and Haiying Liang

ensure high humidity (80% to 90%) until new shoots flushed. Fungicide carbendazim or zineb (0.3% to 0.5%) was sprayed on the plants every 10–15 d for disease control. Experimental design and data processing. Complete random block design was used in all

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David R. Bryla, Bernadine C. Strik, M. Pilar Bañados and Timothy L. Righetti

and reproductive tissues, the nutrients needed for production of the new tissue, and the amount of nutrients reallocated from existing plant tissues. Mature northern highbush blueberry plants produce most new shoots and leaves in the spring and early

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Steven McArtney and John D. Obermiller

southeastern United States for several reasons including the high and skillful labor input needed to perform this practice, the inconsistency of results, with a low percentage of notched buds developing into new shoots/scaffolds or only a weak growth response

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Hein J. Gerber, Willem J. Steyn and Karen I. Theron

(SAS Institute, Cary, NC). Single df, orthogonal polynomial contrasts were fitted where applicable. Results ‘Bourjasotte Noire’. The average number of new shoots (N + 1) produced (which also represents budbreak) per 1-year-old (N) shoot

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Danny L. Barney, Omar A. Lopez and Elizabeth King

HSMS and both WPM formulations, although dry weights were significantly less on HSWPM than on FSWPM. Culturing cascade huckleberry and mountain huckleberry explants on FSMS reduced the number of new shoots compared with the other media for all clones