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Lulu Zhang, Yunfei Mao, Yunyun Wang, Lu Yang, Yijun Yin, Xiang Shen, Canhong Zhang, and Duojiao Zhang

. The new yellow-leaf crabapple cultivar, Malus spectabilis ‘Duojiao’, was derived from a natural mutant of the species M. spectabilis ‘Riversii’, and its attractive foliage distinguishes it from other crabapple cultivars. New, unfolded leaves are

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John E. Stenger and Harlene Hatterman-Valenti

A grapevine is generally characterized as a woody vine. However, within the North Dakota State University Grape Germplasm Enhancement Project, a novel determinate natural mutant, with natural self-limited growth and reproductive habit, was

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Weibing Zhuang, Xiaochun Shu, Xinya Lu, Tao Wang, Fengjiao Zhang, Ning Wang, and Zhong Wang

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Zhi-li Suo, Xiao-qing Zhao, Jian-peng Zhao, Xiao-chong Zhao, and Fu-fei Chen

clearcut and diseases. This cultivar (natural mutant) possessing side flowers and bicolored floral discs is unique to our knowledge in Paeoniaceae ( Li, 2005 ; Page, 2005 ; Rogers, 1995 ; Wang, 1998 ). It is not only an outstanding ornamental, but also a

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Zhi-li Suo, Xiao-qing Zhao, Jing-yu Sun, and Wen-hai Sun

There exist large accumulations of natural genetic diversifications under the natural and artificial selections on the flower among the Chinese tree peony cultivars incited by ornamental and medicinal uses in the past over 1500 years in China. Paeonia suffruticosa `Xiao Ci Wei' is a unique Chinese tree peony cultivar possessing special bicolored petals with tubular tip structure (Paeoniaceae). This natural mutant is not only a unique ornamental, but also a valuable material for scientific researches in Evodevotics.

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Lisa L. Baxter and Brian M. Schwartz

Tifton, increased, and evaluated with other bermudagrasses ( Burton, 1991 ). It was concluded that ‘Tifdwarf’ was a natural mutant of ‘Tifgreen’ that had occurred in Tifton before the sprigs were distributed to golf courses for preliminary evaluations

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Jiayi Ji, Zhenglin Li, Ji Tian, Jie Zhang, Yanfen Lu, Xiaoxiao Qin, Jianjun Li, Liqiang Liu, Zhe Gao, Yujing Hu, and Yuncong Yao

-white petals at the beginning of flowering, followed by fruits with red skin. Malus Robusta ‘Hongbaleng’ was derived from a natural mutant of the M. Robusta offspring group, and its red-skin fruit and large fruit shape distinguish it from its maternal plant

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Laurie Hodges

Ownbey, 1971 ; Tebbitt et al., 2008 ). Thus, the white-flowered form discussed above is apparently a rare natural mutant discovered before 1846, perhaps with subsequent selection for pure white color and improved vigor. It sets viable seeds. There are

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Eliezer S. Louzada and Chandrika Ramadugu

. Grapefruit with golden flesh color, presumably a natural mutant from a seedy, white grapefruit resembling ‘Duncan’. Fig. 4. Origin of major grapefruit (GF) cultivars. (A) Cultivars developed by sexual hybridization. Parentage of selected hybrids is

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William G. Hembree, Thomas G. Ranney, Brian E. Jackson, and Mark Weathington

in Yunnan, China. J. Ethnobiology Ethnomedicine 11:74 Xu, L.L. Fang, L. Liao, L. Fan, Q.S. 2003 Study on karyotypes and isozyme of esterase in the natural mutant strain-Dayelongcha Guihaia 23 558 560 Yang, S.X. Gong, X. Peng, H. Wu, Z.Y. 2000 A