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Alex B. Daniels, David M. Barnard, Phillip L. Chapman, and William L. Bauerle

Substrate moisture is an important component of crop water status because it controls the partitioning of water and energy fluxes. In container-grown production systems, the volume of water that can be held in the rhizosphere is restricted, and

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Haley Rylander, Anusuya Rangarajan, Ryan M. Maher, Mark G. Hutton, Nicholas W. Rowley, Margaret T. McGrath, and Zachary F. Sexton

, nutrients, and soil moisture), life cycle, and dispersal mechanisms of individual species ( Chauhan et al., 2012 ). Tillage can induce dormancy of annual weed seeds by burying them and/or stimulate germination by bringing them to the soil surface. Tillage

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Ben Faber, James Downer, and Lori Yates

Soil moisture status can be measured using neutron probes, time domain reflectometry, tensiometers, gravimetric methods, and electrical resistance blocks. Most methods have limitations; they may be time-consuming (gravimetric), expensive (neutron probe, time domain), or fixed in place (tensiometer, gypsum block, and neutron probe) (Schmugge, 1980; Weems, 1991). Water management in droughty, urban areas of the country would benefit from identification of a portable, fast, and relatively inexpensive soil moisture measuring device suitable for use in urban lawns and gardens. In this study, we have identified an instrument that may be suitable for this purpose.

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D. Joseph Eakes, Robert D. Wright, and John R. Seiler

Abbreviations: CA, leaf chamber CO 2 concentration; CI, leaf internal CO 2 concentration; E, transpiration; g L , leaf conductance; MSC, moisture stress conditioning; Pn, net photosynthesis; r m , mesophyll resistance to CO 2 ; SI, stomatal

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Adam F. Newby, James E. Altland, Daniel K. Struve, Claudio C. Pasian, Peter P. Ling, Pablo S. Jourdan, J. Raymond Kessler, and Mark Carpenter

plotted in Fig. 2 . The confidence bounds rarely overlap, suggesting that the substrate MCCs are significantly different from one another. Fig. 1. Moisture characteristic curves of Sunshine LB2 and Fafard 3B generated by the modified long column method

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George Kargas, Nikolaos Ntoulas, and Panayiotis A. Nektarios

Currently several nondestructive, indirect methods for measurement of moisture ( θ ) in porous media have been developed. These methods include neutron thermalization ( Greacen, 1981 ), time domain reflectometry [TDR ( Topp et al., 1980

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Bandara Gajanayake, K. Raja Reddy, Mark W. Shankle, and Ramon A. Arancibia

early season (first 20 d) has a direct and significant impact on storage root initiation and thus final yield. Sweetpotato is grown as a rain-fed crop in Mississippi and subjected to fluctuating soil moisture conditions in the field. Sweetpotato is also

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Taryn L. Bauerle, William L. Bauerle, Marc Goebel, and David M. Barnard

( Bilderback, 2002 ). However, containerized plants have a limited substrate volume, often times requiring several irrigation events per day. Moreover, variability in substrate moisture within a container can be substantial, making characterization of available

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Joan R. Davenport, Robert G. Stevens, and Kelly M. Whitley

grapes have been shown to have the highest periods of moisture demand in a double sigmoidal curve that parallels berry development ( Klein, 1983 ; Stevens and Harvey, 1996 ). Furthermore, soil moisture depletion under drip irrigation has been

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Ursula K. Schuch, H. Brent Pemberton, and Jack J. Kelly

and shipped immediately to other states where they are planted in containers and forced to flowering for nationwide marketing. Although precautions are taken, significant plant moisture loss has been observed to occur during digging, shipping, and