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Abby Pace, Bruce L. Dunn, and Charles Fontanier

Luminescence is when light is emitted by an object given an energy source; however, the light disappears as soon as excitation ends. Glow-in-the-dark products, such as paints or powders, comprise a type of luminescence called photoluminescence

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Abby Pace, Bruce L. Dunn, Charles Fontanier, Carla Goad, and Hardeep Singh

then re-emit visible light as luminescence or glow ( Poelman et al., 2020 ). The addition of UV light excites the phosphors, resulting in ordinary luminescence and persistent luminescence as charge carriers are transferred from the activator to the

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G.W. Stutte

Abbreviations: ALC, automatic luminescence control; CCD, charged coupled device; ICAS, interactive Image Capture and Analysis System; NIR, near infrared; VCR, video cassette recorder. Contribution no: 8022, Scientific

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Wayne A. Mackay, Brent Pemberton, Joseph Maxim, and Suresh D. Pillai

[fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR) at 695 and 735 nm] of pumpkin leaves. They believed that the spectral difference was manifested by a decrease of FIR as a result of a change in chlorophyll luminescence possibly resulting from an increase of chlorophyll

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D. Michael Glenn

Bruxelles, G.L. Roberts, M.R. 2004 Use of a highly sensitive two-dimensional luminescence imaging system to monitor endogenous bioluminescence in plant leaves BMC Plant Biol. 4 19 Fryer, M.J. Oxborough, K. Mullineaux, P.M. Baker, N.R. 2002 Imaging of photo

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Jules Janick

education, and his younger brother Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov (1891–1951) became a distinguished physicist known for his work in physical optics and luminescence, and as codiscoverer of the Vavilov-Cherenkov effect, for which Pavel Cherenkov was awarded a

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Sai Xu, Huazhong Lu, Xu Wang, Christopher M. Ference, Xin Liang, and Guangjun Qiu

of grapefruit variety based on near infrared Chinese J. Luminescence 40 808 814 10.3788/fgxb20194006.0808 10.3788/fgxb20194006.0808 Li, Y. Han, M.Q. Lin, F. Ten, Y. Lin, J. Zhu, D.H. Guo, P. Weng, Y.B. Chen, L.S. 2015 Soil

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Heping Zhu, James Altland, Richard C. Derksen, and Charles R. Krause

unit area in microliters per square centimeter. Fluorescent intensity of each wash solution was determined with a luminescence spectrometer (LS 50B; Perkin-Elmer, Seer Green, UK) at an excitation wavelength of 460 nm. The calculation of percentage spray

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Yuyao Kong, Ajay Nemali, Cary Mitchell, and Krishna Nemali

called “phosphor conversion” (pc) in newer commercial LED fixtures. This involves coating blue LEDs with “phosphor” (a synthetic material with luminescence property), which absorbs blue light and re-emits light of lower energy (phenomenon known as “down

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Kun Li, Qi-Chang Yang, Yu-Xin Tong, and Ruifeng Cheng

luminescence angle of LEDs. Specific to the LED panels we used in our research, the minimum distance, also the optimal distance, is 10 cm. For the FL, considering the heat they released to the canopy, 10-cm treatment was not employed. M-LED10 consumed almost