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Travis Wayne Shaddox and Joseph Bryan Unruh

rates of 49 and 98 kg·ha −1 every 4 months. Nitrogen sources were assigned to whole plots (2 × 3 m) and N rates were assigned to subplots (1 × 3 m). To account for variables not associated with the N treatments, turf response longevity and AUTRC from

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Nicholas P. Howard, Dennis Stimart, Natalia de Leon, Michael J. Havey, and William Martin

container plant. Although the value of impatiens has been decreasing since 2002 [ U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture (USDA), 2007 ], its estimated value in 2009 was $174 million and the wholesale value was $134 million ( USDA, 2009 ). Enhanced floral longevity

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Raymond A. Cloyd, Cindy L. Galle, Stephen R. Keith, and Kenneth E. Kemp

etoxazole (TetraSan; Valent U.S.A. Corporation, Walnut Creek, CA). The persistence or longevity and efficacy of translaminar miticides are important so as to provide long-term protection against the TSM under greenhouse conditions. As such, we decided to

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Alicia L. Rihn, Chengyan Yue, Charles Hall, and Bridget K. Behe

Florists, 2005a ) and reduces perceived value. Dissatisfaction discourages consumers from making repeat purchases ( Rihn et al., 2011 ). Yue et al. (2009 ) concluded greater longevity positively impacts Generation X and Y consumers’ purchasing decisions

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Gladys A. Andiru, Claudio C. Pasian, Jonathan M. Frantz, and Pablo Jourdan

the ability to “tone” crops, i.e., withholding nutrients before shipment or sale, to meet production goals ( Hulme, 2006 ). Different CRF formulations and longevities have been developed to meet the variable nutritional requirements of different plants

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Isabel Pimentel and Samuel Contreras

seed photoblasticity and thermoinhibition, improving speed and uniformity of emergence ( Sung et al., 2008 ; Valdes and Bradford, 1987 ). However, an undesired consequence of priming is reduced seed longevity ( Chojnowski et al., 1997 ; Powell et al

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Ibrahim Demir, Tuba Celikkol, Golge Sarıkamıs, and Ceren Eksi

, and subsequently evaluation is done by a standard germination test. The AA test is correlated with field emergence and storage longevity of various crop seeds ( Association of Official Seed Analysts, 2009 ; TeKrony, 1995 ). However, AA conditions

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Samuel Contreras, Mark A. Bennett, James D. Metzger, David Tay, and Haim Nerson

), we observed that the maternal light environment during ‘Tango’ lettuce seed development significantly affected seed weight, germinability, and longevity. Seeds produced under a light environment consisting of 8 h fluorescent light were lighter and

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Kimberly H. Krahl and William M. Randle

Ornamental plant breeding has focused almost exclusively on floral prolificacy rather than floral longevity. The importance of floral longevity is obvious in any ornamental crop grown primarily for floral display. This study was undertaken to determine the genetic basis of floral longevity in an important ornamental crop, petunia.

Four parental lines representing the extremes for floral longevity were used to generate 6 F1 families which were selfed to generate F2 families and backcrossed to create 12 backcross families. Generation means analysis was utilizied to determine estimates of additive. dominance, and epistatic genetic variance for floral longevity in petunia.

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Jessica D. Lubell and Mark H. Brand

(Δ E 00 ) from day 1 to day 10 was calculated for all cultivars using the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula ( Sharma et al., 2005 ). Flowering longevity and flower color-difference data were subjected to analysis of variance [ANOVA (PROC GLM)] and