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Eric A. Curry, Carolina Torres, and Luis Neubauer

. Since 2000, lenticel breakdown disorder (LB) has been a high priority area for research investigations in the arid apple growing regions of the United States. LB symptoms are not visible at harvest nor are they usually apparent on unprocessed fruit after

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James P. Mattheis

WATERCORE AND LENTICEL BREAKDOWN Some changes in storage practices for individual cultivars have also occurred as a result of the use of SmartFresh. For ‘Delicious’ and ‘Fuji’, two cultivars that are prone to development of watercore, SmartFresh provides

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Corina Serban, Lee Kalcsits, Jennifer DeEll, and James P. Mattheis

, leather blotch, lenticel breakdown, senescent browning, core browning, internal browning, cavities, greasiness, soft scald, and soggy breakdown) are reported as incidence. Bitter pit was determined as surface lesions <5 mm in diameter with underlying brown

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companies with higher annual gross sales utilized higher levels of automation/mechanization. Automation/mechanization had a neutral effect on employment, but resulted in higher workers' earnings. Preharvest Lipophilic Coatings Reduce Lenticel Breakdown in

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Jorge A. Osuna-Garcia, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Donald J. Huber, and Yolanda Nolasco-Gonzalez

when applied at color break stage caused a “rubbery” texture at the ripe stage. In addition, there are references that state gaseous 1-MCP caused skin browning in ‘Golden Delicious’ apples ( Malus × domestica ) and lenticel breakdown in ‘Gala’ apples

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James Mattheis and David R. Rudell

risk at low pO 2 is unknown—as is how higher temp/longer duration conditioning would influence the low pO 2 impacts on fruit quality, particularly SSC, TA, and peel color. Longer conditioning duration can enhance lenticel breakdown, bitter pit

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Renae Moran, Jennifer DeEll, and Cindy B.S. Tong

storage, incidences of soft scald, soggy breakdown, bitter pit, lenticel blotch, lenticel breakdown, senescent breakdown, diffuse flesh browning, and core browning were counted. Statistical analyses. The main effects of harvest date and location and their

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Carolina Contreras, Nihad Alsmairat, and Randy Beaudry

, firmness, and SSC. The remainder were covered in LDPE bags as previously described and held for 7 d at 20 °C and afterward assessed for external and internal disorder incidence. External physiological disorders such as soft scald, lenticel breakdown, and

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Christopher B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock

18%, respectively) and lower (13%) in 3.0 kPa CO 2 than in 1.5% kPa CO 2 (20%). The incidence of core browning was very low (data not shown) but overall higher (0.3%) in 3.0 kPa CO 2 and 0% in 1.5 kPa CO 2 ( P = 0.039). Bitter pit, lenticel

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Ksenija Gasic and John E. Preece

47:1795–1800. Fruit: conic, 60 mm height x 73 mm diameter, strong greasiness, nearly 100% dark red blush and faint stripes over yellow-green ground color; flesh is semi-firm, fine textured, subacid with weak aroma, can exhibit lenticel breakdown and