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Nicola Grossi, Marco Fontanelli, Elisa Garramone, Andrea Peruzzi, Michele Raffaelli, Michel Pirchio, Luisa Martelloni, Christian Frasconi, Lisa Caturegli, Monica Gaetani, Simone Magni, J. Scott McElroy, and Marco Volterrani

2 core sample per plot was collected and the following parameters were assessed: 1) leaf width (20 fully expanded leaves per plot were measured in millimeters with precision vernier calipers) and 2) shoot density (direct counting of living shoots

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Alexander R. Kowalewski, Brian M. Schwartz, Austin L. Grimshaw, Dana G. Sullivan, and Jason B. Peake

Law, 1974 ), leaf angle ( Wood and Law, 1974 ), leaf width ( Shearman and Beard, 1975 ), and turf quality ( Bonos et al., 2001 ). New techniques have been recently developed to objectively quantify various turf canopy morphological characteristics; i

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William L. Bauerle and Joseph D. Bowden

first leaf model incorporating physically based boundary layer concepts was not introduced until 52 years later ( Raschke, 1956 ). Raschke's pioneering work identified the influence of leaf size (e.g., leaf width) on the leaf energy budget through

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Yoshiaki Kitaya, Genhua Niu, Toyoki Kozai, and Maki Ohashi

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Summer-green) plug transplants were grown for 3 weeks under 16 combinations of four levels (100, 150, 200, and 300 μmol·m-2·s-1) of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), two photoperiods (16 and 24 h), and two levels of CO2 (400 and 800 μmol·mol-1) in growth chambers maintained at an air temperature of 20 ±2 °C. As PPF increased, dry mass (DM), percent DM, and leaf number increased, while ratio of shoot to root dry mass (S/R), ratio of leaf length to leaf width (LL/LW), specific leaf area, and hypocotyl length decreased. At the same PPF, DM was increased by 25% to 100% and 10% to 100% with extended photoperiod and elevated CO2 concentration, respectively. Dry mass, percent DM, and leaf number increased linearly with daily light integral (DLI, the product of PPF and photoperiod), while S/R, specific leaf area, LL/LW and hypocotyl length decreased as DLI increased under each CO2 concentration. Hypocotyl length was influenced by PPF and photoperiod, but not by CO2 concentration. Leaf morphology, which can be reflected by LL/LW, was substantially influenced by PPF at 100 to 200 μmol·m-2·s-1, but not at 200 to 300 μmol·m-2·s-1. At the same DLI, the longer photoperiod promoted growth under the low CO2 concentration, but not under the high CO2 concentration. Longer photoperiod and/or higher CO2 concentration compensated for a low PPF.

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Carole L. Bassett, D. Michael Glenn, Philip L. Forsline, Michael E. Wisniewski, and Robert E. Farrell Jr

) had the longest length and width, respectively. As expected, some of the half-sibling groups (same GMAL number, different lower case letter) varied in one or more parameters (e.g., GMAL3975.d, which differed significantly in leaf width compared with

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D. Michael Jackson, Howard F. Harrison, Robert L. Jarret, and Phillip A. Wadl

, number of leaf points (distinct sharp projections), leaf width, and leaf length. The aspect ratio (ratio between length and width of a leaf) and leaf width × leaf length also were determined. In the current GRIN database for sweetpotato, there are

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John R. Stommel and Robert J. Griesbach

practices. Table 1. Mean values and sd s for mature pepper fruit color, fruit length/fruit diameter at midpoint, number of fruit per cluster, leaf color, leaf length, leaf width, plant height, and plant diameter in parental, F 1 , F 2 , and

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Winston Elibox and Pathmanathan Umaharan

calculated by multiplying leaf length by leaf width. The petiole length was a measure of the distance of the petiole at the point of attachment to the lamina and the point of attachment of the two stipules. Spathe showiness was calculated as the difference

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Ying Wang, Cale A. Bigelow, and Yiwei Jiang

wilting. Three weeks after germination, plant height and leaf width were recorded for assessing morphological characteristics at the early stage of growth. Table 1. Accession number (No.), origin, mean DNA contents (DNA), and ploidy level of 194

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Lenny Wells

21 Sept. 2016. Leaf area, leaf length, and leaf width were measured 21 July 2014 and 7 Sept. 2016 using a LI-3000C portable leaf area meter (LI-COR Technologies, Lincoln, NE). Five leaves per tree were measured at each sampling date. Leaf chlorophyll