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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, Makoto Kiyota, Yuichiro Nagasaka, and Shinya Kawaguchi

·m −1 ) and the leaf boundary layer resistance from the leaf surface to the atmosphere 3 mm above and below the leaf surface, ( R b , s·m −1 ), was estimated with Tr and the VPD near the leaf surface based on the vapor diffusion model. The R l was

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Toshio Shibuya, Akihito Sugimoto, Yoshiaki Kitaya, and Makoto Kiyota

+b , s·m −1 ) from inside the leaf to the atmosphere, accounting for the vapor diffusion resistance of leaf ( R l , s·m −1 ) and leaf boundary layer resistance from leaf surface to ( R b , s·m −1 ), was estimated based on the diffusion vapor model

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William L. Bauerle and Joseph D. Bowden

Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate within Acer rubrum and Quercuskelloggii New Phytol. 179 808 817 Schuepp, P.H. 1993 Leaf boundary layers New Phytol. 125 477 507 Schlichting, H. Gersten, K. 2004 Boundary–Layer theory 8th Ed Springer, Berlin Wang

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Bryan J. Peterson and William R. Graves

. This pubescence, described by Corelli (2005) for S. nigra ssp. cerulea , may both increase the thickness of the leaf boundary layer and help prevent excess heat gain by reflecting solar radiation, thereby diminishing water loss through

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Lee Kalcsits, Gregory van der Heijden, Michelle Reid, and Katie Mullin

arthropods: Estimating humidity within the leaf boundary layer Environ. Entomol. 13 926 929 Gilliham, M. Dayod, M. Hocking, B.J. Xu, B. Conn, S.J. Kaiser, B.N. Tyerman, S.D. 2011 Calcium delivery and storage in plant leaves: Exploring the link with water flow

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William C. Kreuser and Frank S. Rossi

boundary layer and leaf surface wettability by altering surface tension. This may have significant implications for irrigation management and pesticide absorption ( Fernandez and Eichert, 2009 ; Yoshimitsu et al., 2002 ). In addition to the altered

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Archana Khadgi and Courtney A. Weber

Hort. 546 619 627 Schilmiller, A.L. Last, R.L. Pichersky, E. 2008 Harnessing plant trichome biochemistry for the production of useful compounds Plant J. 54 4 676 683 Schuepp, P.H. 1993 Tansley review No. 59. Leaf boundary layers New Phytol. 125 477 507

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Evagelini Kitta, Nikolaos Katsoulas, Anna Kandila, Maria M. González-Real, and Alain Baille

the components of total stomatal conductance ( g t ) (leaf boundary layer conductance, g b , and g S ) on the transpiration flux. When leaves are well coupled to the environment, g S (a driver of intrinsic WUE) is the main determinant of g t (a

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Scott Henderson, David Gholami, and Youbin Zheng

-in-container container nursery HortTechnology 23 760 769 Boulard, T. Fatnassi, H. Roy, J.C. Lagier, J. Fargues, J. Smits, N. Rougier, M. Jeannequin, B. 2004 Effect of greenhouse ventilation on humidity of inside air and in leaf boundary-layer Agr. For. Meteorol. 125 225