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Han Xu, Cuihua Bai, Wei Wang, Changmin Zhou, Luwei Zhu, and Lixian Yao

AA accumulation in reproductive sink is strongly dependent on leaf N and AA levels ( Barneix and Guitman, 1993 ; Blumenthal et al., 1990 ; Kano et al., 1999 ). Therefore, it may be possible to predict FAA composition in fruit by foliar nutrient

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Eugene J. Hogue, John A. Cline, Gerry Neilsen, and Denise Neilsen

Autoanalyzer II Industrial Method No. 329-74W/A; Technicon, Elmsford, NY). After 2001, leaf N was determined using a LECO FP-528 combustion analyzer (St. Joseph, MI). An oven-dried sample of 0.12 to 0.13 g was ignited in the induction furnace. The LECO FP-528

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Eileen M. Perry, Ian Goodwin, and David Cornwall

leaf N across an entire orchard would be ideal. Whereas nondestructive methods to estimate %N for pear leaves have been presented ( Jie et al., 2014 ), methods to estimate %N at canopy scales for pear orchards have yet to be developed. Previous research

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Bruce L. Dunn and Carla Goad

concentrations greater than 140 mg·L −1 during both establishment and coloration phases to provide leaf N concentrations greater than 3.5 g·kg −1 dry matter (DM) ( Gibson and Whipker, 2003 ). Monitoring and providing correct fertilization is important for plant

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Amir Ali Khoddamzadeh and Bruce L. Dunn

Besford, 1983 ), which can be used to define the growth status and leaf N content in plants ( Dunn et al., 2015 ; Hardin et al., 2012 ; Seemann et al., 1987 ; Wang et al., 2012a , 2012b ). One method of measuring N content in plants consists of

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S.M. Southwick, S.A. Weinbaum, T.T. Muraoka, W.R. Krueger, K.A. Shackel, and J.T. Yeager

Abbreviations: FDW, fruit dry weight, FFW, fruit fresh weight; FHR, fruit hydration ratio; LDW, leaf dry weight; LDW/LA, leaf dry weight per leaf area; LN/LA, weight of leaf N per unit leaf area; SF, sugar per fruit. We

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Danijela Janjanin, Marko Karoglan, Mirjana Herak Ćustić, Marijan Bubola, Mirela Osrečak, and Igor Palčić

grapevines at the beginning of experiment exceeded expectations, especially considering low soil N supply and low must yeast available amino-N in years preceding this experiment ( Karoglan, 2009 ). It also exceeds average vine leaf N level, which ranges from

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Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Rolston St. Hilaire, Vince P. Gutschick, and Bethany Cook

in leaf N concentration and leaf area-based N content ( Diver et al., 1984 ; Heerema et al., 2009 ; Klein et al., 1991 ), which suggests that growing fruit and seeds can draw on N remobilized from nearby leaves to help meet N demands, especially

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Yun-wen Wang, Bruce L. Dunn, Daryl B. Arnall, and Pei-sheng Mao

useful index to assess the growth status and leaf N level of a plant ( Seemann et al., 1987 ). For several horticultural crops, leaf N and chlorophyll concentration were found to be strongly correlated when checked using a SPAD chlorophyll meter ( Neilsen

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Yung-Liang Peng, Fang-Yin Liu, Rong-Show Shen, and Yu-Sen Chang

, 1 g = 0.0353 oz. Fig. 2. Effect of nutrient solution nitrogen (N) concentration on maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem II photochemistry [Fv/Fm (A)], chlorophyll meter readings (B), chlorophyll a + b (C), and leaf N concentration (D) of