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Bo Zhang, Xue-Ren Yin, Ji-Yuan Shen, Kun-Song Chen, and Ian B. Ferguson

europea L.) ( Ridolfi et al., 2002 ), apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) ( Lara et al., 2006 ), pear ( Pyrus communis L.) ( Lara et al., 2003 ), strawberry ( Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) ( Leone et al., 2006 ), and kiwifruit ( Zhang et al., 2009 ). LOX

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Shaolan Yang, Changjie Xu, Bo Zhang, Xian Li, and Kunsong Chen

( Chen et al., 1999 ; Redgwell and Fry, 1993 ), and β-galactosidase ( Redgwell and Harker, 1995 ; Ross et al., 1993 ) contributes to degradation of cell wall substance in kiwifruit as well as in other fruits ( Bennett, 2002 ; Cosgrove, 2000 ; Rose and

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Hongwen Huang, Shengmei Wang, Renhuang Huang, Zhengwang Jiang, and Zhonghui Zhang

'Jintao' is a new yellow-fleshed kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch) developed from the breeding program at the Wuhan Institute of Botany (WIB), in Wuhan, Hubei, People's Republic of China. 'Jintao' is a midseason cultivar that ripens three to four weeks before the standard commercial cultivar [A. deliciosa (A. Chev.) C.F. Liang et A.R. Ferguson] 'Hayward'. It is sweeter than 'Hayward' and has a smooth skin. 'Jintao' was selected from A. chinensis and offers growers in warmer climates an alternative to 'Hayward', because of its higher productivity, better fruit quality, and improved heat tolerance. 'Jintao', which means golden peach in Chinese, is named in recognition of its yellow flesh and the common Chinese name, Mihou-tao, or monkey peach.

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Guang-Lian Liao, Xiao-Biao Xu, Qing Liu, Min Zhong, Chun-Hui Huang, Dong-Feng Jia, and Xue-Yan Qu

‘Jinyan’, a kiwifruit cultivar selected and promoted by the Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences during the last decade, is one the most promising gold-fleshed cultivars for the south of China. It is thought to be an interspecific

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Judith A. Abbott and David R. Massie

Research, for asking the germinal question and C. Richardson, New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board, for supplying the kiwifruit. Use of trade names is for information only and does not imply endorsement of the product named or criticism of similar ones not

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Thomas Sotiropoulos, Magdalene Koukourikou-Petridou, Antonios Petridis, Dimitrios Stylianidis, Dimitrios Almaliotis, Ioannis Papadakis, Ioannis Therios, and Athanassios Molassiotis

Origin In Greece, the dominant kiwifruit cv. since 1973 has been Hayward with a total annual fruit production of 40,000 t and an acreage of 4400 ha ( FAO, 2004 ). However, selection among 15,000 seedlings originated from open-pollinated ‘Hayward

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Timothy P. Hartmann, Justin J. Scheiner, Larry A. Stein, Andrew R. King, and Sam E. Feagely

Golden kiwifruit ( A. chinensis ) and fuzzy kiwifruit ( A. deliciosa ) are known to require distinct climatic conditions for successful production ( Ferguson, 1991 ; Norton, 1994 ). For optimal production, a long growing season of 225 to 240 d

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Ting-Ting Li, Zhi-Rong Li, Kang-Di Hu, Lan-Ying Hu, Xiao-Yan Chen, Yan-Hong Li, Ying Yang, Feng Yang, and Hua Zhang

sources of vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals ( Canan et al., 2016 ; Ercisli, 2009 ; Zorenc et al., 2016 ). Among them, kiwifruit ( A. deliciosa ) is a highly nutritious berry, which is rich in ascorbic acid, dietary fiber, phenolics, flavonoid

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Domingos P.F. Almeida and Maria Helena Gomes

Flesh softening is a major cause of deterioration in kiwifruit limiting storage life ( MacRae and Redgwell, 1992 ) and affecting consumer acceptability ( Stec et al., 1989 ). Kiwifruit firmness declines rapidly after harvest and is reduced to

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Shuai-Ping Gao, Kang-Di Hu, Lan-Ying Hu, Yan-Hong Li, Yi Han, Hui-Li Wang, Kai Lv, Yong-Sheng Liu, and Hua Zhang

, which is a nonclimacteric fruit ( Hu et al., 2012 ). Much less research has been carried out on the fruits of woody plants where the physiological role of H 2 S in prolonging shelf life of these fruits is poorly understood. Kiwifruit is classified as a