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Benard Yada, Phinehas Tukamuhabwa, Arthur Villordon, Agnes Alajo and Robert O.M. Mwanga

). Genetic erosion threatens this diversity as a result of sweetpotato virus disease (SPVD) caused by dual infection of Sweetpotato feathery mottle virus ( Potyvirus; Potyviridae ) and Sweetpotato chlorotic stunt virus ( Crinivirus; Closteroviridae

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Kim E. Hummer

centers of origin (diversity) for cultivated crop plants ( Vavilov, 1992 ), and the concept of genetic erosion, have directed present-day global plant science, breeding, and conservation efforts ( Hummer and Hancock, 2015 ). He realized not only that wild

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Kim E. Hummer and Jim F. Hancock

subsequent plant evaluations made by him and his students. Three of his significant theories (the law of homologous variation, the centers of origin for cultivated crop plants, and the concept of genetic erosion) have greatly influenced subsequent global

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Kirk W. Pomper, Jeremiah D. Lowe, Li Lu, Sheri B. Crabtree, Shandeep Dutta, Kyle Schneider and James Tidwell

Asimina species in Frankfort, KY, which is a satellite site of the NCGR in Corvallis, OR. The loss of cultivars over the past century may represent considerable genetic erosion ( Huang et al., 1997 ; Peterson, 1991 ). Pawpaw is in the early stages of

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Angelo Signore, Francesco Serio and Pietro Santamaria

extinction: Action 3 (“protection of biodiversity”) contains an annex (Annex 8) listing nine species/landraces of vegetables (and many more cereals, legumes, and fruit trees) at risk of genetic erosion; Action 4 (“integrated projects and regional system of

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Gary Paul Nabhan, Mahina Drees and Kevin Dahl

The binational Southwest remains rich in native crop land races and crop wild relatives, despite numerous pressures favoring genetic erosion. Native Seeds/SEARCH is promoting in situ conservation in traditional Indian fields and nearby wild habitats, but also maintains a gene bank as a back-up, to allow future reintroductions. Seeds are distributed to Native American communities for free, and their value is reinforced through a variety of educational materials and presentations. Our regional focus allows us to serve as an effective bridge between in situ and ex situ conservationists, between Indian and international organizations, and between tribes. Methods, ethics and accomplishments to date will be highlighted.

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Marietta M. Loehrlein

. The 49 chapters are grouped into the following categories: Part I: Overview of crop wild relative conservation and use. Part II: Establishing inventories and conservation priorities. Part III: Threat and conservation assessment. Part IV: Genetic

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Santiago García-Martínez, Adrián Grau, Aranzazu Alonso, Fernando Rubio, Pedro Carbonell and Juan J. Ruiz

introgression of these resistance genes into other landraces. Availability Small trial seed samples of all the breeding lines are available for research purposes (please contact authors). Literature Cited Cebolla-Cornejo, J. Soler, S. Nuez, F. 2007 Genetic

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Nathan C. Phillips, Steven R. Larson and Daniel T. Drost

diversity among populations, the source location becomes more of a determining factor in seed collection to avoid genetic erosion ( Rogers, 2004 ). This also becomes an issue when propagating plants for reclamation or revegetation. In species with high

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Jun-Bo Yang, Hong-Tao Li, De-Zhu Li, Jie Liu, Lian-Ming Gao, De-Zhu Li, Lian-Ming Gao and Jie Liu

first class-protected wild species in China ( The State of Council of the People's Republic of China, 1999 ). As a result of these developments, the plants are in danger of genetic erosion and increased inbreeding (by consanguineous mating, i.e., mating