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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, and Ekaterina Jeliazkova

, 1999 ). On the other hand, Tween20 has also been investigated as a means for improving essential oil content of some aromatic plants ( Dobreva et al., 2011 ). There are no studies in the literature whether foliar application of Rocky Mountain juniper or

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Brent L. Black and Mark K. Ehlenfeldt

applications of a plant growth regulator would provide a low-labor, low-cost method to suppress flowering. Foliar applications of commercially formulated gibberellin (GA 3 ) are now a common industry practice in tart cherry production to prevent precocious

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Dean A. Kopsell, Carl E. Sams, T. Casey Barickman, Dennis E. Deyton, and David E. Kopsell

specific foods that may accumulate high concentrations of Se from natural soil Se deposits ( Finley, 2007 ). Foliar applications of Se to crop plants may eliminate soil matrix interferences and provide a more efficient mechanism to fortify crops with Se

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Yi Zhang, Tracey Mechlin, and Imed Dami

; Peppi et al., 2007 ). To our knowledge, there are no published reports on the effect of exogenous ABA on inducing dormancy of grapevines. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of foliar application of ABA on grapevine dormancy. Our

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Xing-Zheng Fu, Fei Xing, Li Cao, Chang-Pin Chun, Li-Li Ling, Cai-Lun Jiang, and Liang-Zhi Peng

et al., 2002 ; Eman et al., 2007 ; Hanafy Ahmed et al., 2012 ; Swietlik and Laduke, 1991 ), and grapefruit ( Swietlik, 2002 ). Foliar application of Zn is now commonly accepted as a relatively effective method for correcting Zn deficiency in citrus

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Kelly T. Morgan, Robert E. Rouse, and Robert C. Ebel

et al., 2007 ). Research that demonstrated that HLB symptoms could be reduced by foliar applications of micronutrients, especially Mn, Zn, B, and Mg, and other physiologically active compounds, such as salicylic acid and phosphite ( Pustika et al

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Youping Sun, Guihong Bi, Genhua Niu, and Christina Perez

the chemical concentration. Foliar application of ethephon to ‘Sonora Jingle’ and ‘Sonora White’ poinsettia exhibited phytotoxicity as indicated by reduced biomass accumulation ( Sun et al., 2011 ). Leaf chlorosis appeared on seashore mallow plants

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Manoj G. Kulkarni, Glendon D. Ascough, and Johannes Van Staden

) or growth-promoting substances ( Murillo-Amador et al., 2005 ; Nonomura and Benson, 1992 ). The general concept of foliar application is that the absorption of nutrients by the leaf is much quicker than from the soil, which eventually reduces the lag

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Melissa Bonham, Gerald M. Ghidiu, Erin Hitchner, and Elwood L. Rossell

compare the effectiveness of a seed treatment of fipronil, an in-furrow application of thiamethoxam, and multiple foliar applications of spinosad or diazinon directed at the base of the plant for control of the carrot weevil in processing carrot. Materials

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Cristhian Camilo Chávez-Arias, Sandra Gómez-Caro, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

, Bologna, Italy). Foliar synthetic elicitor applications were performed at three different times during the experiment: 1) foliar application 8 d before inoculation, 2) foliar application at the time of inoculation, and 3) foliar application 8 DAI. In