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Chanjin Chung, Tracy A. Boyer, Marco Palma and Monika Ghimire

( Harivandi and Gibeault, 1996 ). Loss of turfgrass during winter due to freezing temperatures, termed winterkill, is also another major problem of lawns ( Frank, 2013 ). The objective of this study is to estimate the economic effects of developing drought

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Lucy K. Bradley, Bridget K. Behe, Natalie R. Bumgarner, Charlotte D. Glen, Joseph L. Donaldson, Ellen M. Bauske, Sheri Dorn and Gail Langellotto

gained, behavior changed, and economic impacts, because that is the standard for reporting in most other agricultural sectors, but these metrics must be clear and appropriate to obtain the necessary widespread adoption. Hall and Hodges (2011) provided a

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David S. Conner, Kurt B. Waldman, Adam D. Montri, Michael W. Hamm and John A. Biernbaum

to present the economic performance of nine hoophouse case studies on Michigan farms, including revenues, costs, and labor hours associated with growing vegetables in a hoophouse over the first 2 1/2 years of adoption. Specific research questions to

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K. Ahenkora, H.K. Adu-Dapaah, B. Asafo-Adjei, J.N. Asafu-Agyei, J. Adjei and E.Y. Oppong Konadu

experimentation; Adelaide Agyemang for statistical analysis; Professor J.C. Norman for useful comments made on the content of the paper; and Dr. K.A. Marfo for suggestions on economic analysis. Research supported by the International Foundation for Science (Grant

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Sheng Li, Feng Wu, Yongping Duan, Ariel Singerman and Zhengfei Guan

Bernardino, and Riverside counties. Lopez and Durborow (2015) estimated that even if California aggressively combats HLB, the economic loss will still be $2.2 billion over the next 20 years. Currently, a voluntary area-wide pest management program is in

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Zhao Zhang and Paul H. Heinemann

occupational injuries caused by apple harvest, which also helps improve employees’ harvest efficiency. One key goal of the low-cost apple harvest-assist project was to commercialize the machine. However, there are questions about the economic benefits of

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Mark E. Herrington, Craig Hardner, Malcolm Wegener, Louella Woolcock and Mark J. Dieters

economically important traits; and 2) the ease with which the levels of traits can be changed by selection. Thus, the breeder must account for and connect the relative economic importance of traits and the genetic architecture of the traits underlying the

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Hector German Rodriguez, Jennie Popp, Curt Rom, Heather Friedrich and Jason McAfee

markets of both fresh and processed fruit, but significant challenges exist. These challenges include a lack of information available on the economic impacts of different organic production practices and the potential returns available from organic

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John J. Haydu, Alan. W. Hodges and Charles R. Hall

would also lack substantive knowledge about this increasingly important industry. A contributing factor is the relative scarcity of published economic information that is currently available. Unlike more traditional agricultural commodities, such as corn

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Alan W. Hodges, Charles R. Hall and Marco A. Palma

prospective buyers willing to purchase product only if and when needed. The housing sector collapse revealed that the rate of green industry growth was also unsustainable and current economic conditions are retarding industry recovery. In recent years, there