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Iftikhar Ahmad, Muhammad B. Rafiq, John M. Dole, Bilal Abdullah and Kinza Habib

The floriculture industry is constantly looking for new cultivars and species of cut flowers to excite the consumers and diversify production ( Regan and Dole, 2010 ). The specialty cut flower industry can take advantage of innovation by regularly

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole and Frank A. Blazich

Many post-production factors affect vase life of cut flowers including developmental stage at harvest, temperature during the vase period, water loss, and various aspects of the vase solution such as sucrose levels, microbial populations, pH

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Chengyan Yue and Charles Hall

Consumers typically purchase cut flowers either for their own enjoyment or to use them as gifts. Unlike many edible horticultural crops whose quality attributes can be quantified (e.g., milligrams of fiber or sugar in an apple or 1 pound of celery

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Erin M.R. Clark, John M. Dole, Alicain S. Carlson, Erin P. Moody, Ingram F. McCall, Frankie L. Fanelli and William C. Fonteno

Each year a wide variety of new cultivars and species are evaluated in the National Cut Flower Trial Programs administered by North Carolina State University and the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. These new cultivars are tested at

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Crofton Sloan and Susan S. Harkness

Roses are one of the three main flower crops produced and distributed worldwide, and the large majority of roses purchased in the United States are produced in South America ( Armitage, 2000 ). In 2006, the United States imported cut flowers valued

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Cristian E. Loyola, John M. Dole and Rebecca Dunning

Cut flower production in the United States and Canada has resurged in recent years. A survey conducted by Granitz (2014) found that 67% of the cut flower producers in North Carolina experienced an increase in demand for cut flowers, especially

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, Atyab Amjad and Sagheer Ahmad

Cut flowers are highly perishable and complex plant organs that need to be properly handled and stored to preserve their value and quality ( Reid, 2002 ). In some species, quality may be lost due to foliage or petal abscission, leaf chlorosis

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James M. Garner and Allan M. Armitage

Phlox paniculata L., or garden phlox, is an herbaceous perennial in the family Polemoniaceae native to the eastern United States. Flowering stems of phlox are a popular item in cut flower markets because of their wide range of flower colors

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Aidan D. Farrell, Sarah Evelyn, Adrian M. Lennon and Pathmanathan Umaharan

Anthurium ( Anthurium andraeanum Hort.) is a herbaceous tropical perennial highly sought after on the world market as a cut flower. The bloom is composed of a modified bract (spathe) and a stalk-like inflorescence (spadix) supported on a peduncle

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Alicia L. Rihn, Chengyan Yue, Charles Hall and Bridget K. Behe

Fresh-cut flowers have been an important part of our society since ancient Greece and continue to be enjoyed for their aesthetics on numerous holidays, as gifts, and on other occasions ( King, 2007 ). Cut flowers are also important to the U