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Robert L. Mikkelsen

Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for plant growth, but it generally receives less attention than nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in many crop production systems. Many regions of the United States and all of the Canadian provinces remove more K

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Andrew Koeser, Gary Kling, Candice Miller, and Daniel Warnock

variety of irrigation methods beyond overhead watering (e.g., drip irrigation and ebb-and-flood irrigation)—each with its own pattern of initial wetting and saturation that could potentially impact biocontainer durability during crop production. This work

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Kenneth G. McCabe, Christopher J. Currey, James A. Schrader, David Grewell, Jake Behrens, and William R. Graves

fertilizers for container-crop production, alternative fertilizers made from biorenewable, nonsynthetic sources have been explored. Some sources include fish emulsions, liquid soybean-based fertilizer, corn gluten meal, millorganite, and, more recently, soy

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Dewayne L. Ingram and R. Thomas Fernandez

impact during the use phase (crop production). The primary contribution to the carbon footprint for fresh fruits and vegetables would be expected to occur during production, storage, and transport ( Edwards-Jones et al., 2008 ). Any negative carbon

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Edward E. Carey, Lewis Jett, William J. Lamont Jr, Terrance T. Nennich, Michael D. Orzolek, and Kimberly A. Williams

tunnels: A case study in site planning for crop production structures HortTechnology 14 449 454 U.S. Department of Agriculture 2007 United States 2007 census of agriculture Natl. Agr. Stat. Serv. form no. 07-A0201 13 June 2008 < http

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Stefania De Pascale, Luisa Dalla Costa, Simona Vallone, Giancarlo Barbieri, and Albino Maggio

strategies to improve irrigation efficiency in vegetable crop production. We refer to recently published literature for in-depth analyses on the physiology and molecular biology of WUE ( Hsiao et al., 2007 ; Yoo et al., 2009 ). Efficiency in the context of

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Richard Smith, Michael Cahn, Timothy Hartz, Patricia Love, and Barry Farrara

prescriptive recommendations. Irrigation management is closely linked to N efficiency in cole crop production ( Thompson et al., 2000b , 2002b ). Marketable yield is maximized by maintaining relatively low soil moisture tension (10–25 kPa; Smittle et al

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Kellie J. Walters, Bridget K. Behe, Christopher J. Currey, and Roberto G. Lopez

CE food crop production has fluctuated in productivity and evolved in technology over history. For example, early U.S. CE food production generally took place in glasshouses heated by “hot beds” of manure ( Dalrymple, 1973 ), whereas currently food

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Carolyn DeMoranville

of crop production requires application of nutrients in forms that the plant can use, in amounts that supply plant needs, and at a time when the plant can take up and use the nutrients. However, cranberry is a wetland plant, and its commercial

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Carl J. Rosen and Deborah L. Allan

aspects of the different crop management systems. The overall objective of this review is to provide insights into potential benefits as well as challenges of using organic nutrient sources for crop production based on research and previous reviews