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Guanxing Hu, Chao Gao, Xiaoming Fan, Wenfang Gong and Deyi Yuan

needs to be addressed urgently. Several studies have been conducted on pollination and embryo development ( Liao et al., 2014a ), self-compatibility ( Gao et al., 2015a ), and the pollination effectiveness of various insects for this species ( Wei et al

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Rafel Socias i Company, Àngel Fernández i Martí, Ossama Kodad and José M. Alonso

Although self-compatibility was discovered in almond as early as 1945 ( Almeida, 1945 ), no attention was paid to the issue until the 1970s. The importance of self-compatibility in almond-growing and in breeding for new self-compatible cultivars

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Qing Xu, Shi-Rong Guo, He Li, Nan-Shan Du, Sheng Shu and Jin Sun

combinations of coffee ( Coffea arabica ) were also reported as superior to that of incompatible combinations after grafting ( Bertrand et al., 2001 ). Therefore, the compatibility of rootstock and scion greatly contribute to the effects of grafting. Affinity

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Jason D. Lattier and Ryan N. Contreras

cross-compatibility among cultivars, species, and series have yet to be investigated in a formal study. The objectives of this study were to 1) investigate cross-compatibility of elite cultivars in intraspecific, interspecific, and interseries

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Olfa Zarrouk, Pilar S. Testillano, María Carmen Risueño, María Ángeles Moreno and Yolanda Gogorcena

incompatibility. Materials and Methods Plant material for histological studies. Two plum rootstocks showing different graft compatibility performance with the exigent nectarine ( P. persica ) cultivar Summergrand were used: 1) one clone of ‘Pollizo

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Aurora Díaz, Antonio Martín, Pilar Rallo and Raúl De la Rosa

3). Cross-compatibility between cultivars . We carried out five different cross combinations of ‘Arbequina’, ‘Frantoio’, ‘Koroneiki’, and ‘Manzanilla de Sevilla’ olive. We were interested in testing one cross that had previously worked well

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Simon A. Mng'omba, Elsa S. du Toit, Festus K. Akinnifesi and Helena M. Venter

. kirkiana trees to date. The objectives of this study were to determine graft compatibility of different scion and stock combinations, and the possible causes of scion and stock incompatibility in U. kirkiana trees. Materials and Methods A Uapaca

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Li Jiang, Yun-wen Wang and Bruce L. Dunn

produced relatively few seed setting flowers, seeds per capsule, and number of germinated seeds. The results indicated that some interspecific cross-compatibility barriers prevented hybridization and obtaining normal seeds from crossing combinations

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Greg T. Browne, Joseph A. Grant, Leigh S. Schmidt, Charles A. Leslie and Gale H. McGranahan

vary with respect to several vegetative growth characteristics ( Li et al., 2001 ), but we are aware of no examinations of different wingnut seed families for resistance to Phytophthora or graft compatibility with current Persian walnut cultivars. The

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Reut Niska, Martin Goldway and Doron Schneider

, 2000 ). However, some loquat cultivars such as ‘Akko 1’, ‘Mogi’, ‘Pale Yellow’, ‘Advance’, and ‘Tanaka’ are self-fertile or partially self-fertile ( Cuevas et al., 2003 ; Morton, 1987 ; Tous and Ferguson, 1996 ). In the Maloideae subfamily, self-compatibility