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Mark J. Bassett

The inheritance of two new induced mutations for spindly branch was investigated in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Each mutant was found to be controlled by a recessive gene. Allelism tests were performed beween a previously reported spindly branch mutant (sb) and the two new spindly branch mutants; the new mutants were found to be nonallelic to sb and to each other. The gene symbols sb-2 and sb-3 are proposed for the new mutants. Repulsion phase F2 linkage tests were made for all nine combinations of reclining foliage (rf) and sb among the two mimic mutant series rf, rf-2, rf-3 and sb, sb-2, sb-3. No linkages were detected.

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R. J. Griesbach


There is ample evidence that chromosomal changes can be induced in cultured cells. These changes can involve either an increase or decrease in chromosome number or a change in chromosome structure and can be brought about by both physical and chemical agents.

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Jiangbo Dang, Tingrong Wu, Guolu Liang, Di Wu, Qiao He, and Qigao Guo

of the aneuploid fruits were firmer than the diploid. Simard et al. (2011) demonstrated that dwarfing in Pyrus is linked with an aneuploid chromosomal structure found in hybrids between a Pyrus nivalis triploid genotype and a diploid one of the

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Yiqun Weng, Shanna Johnson, Jack E. Staub, and Sanwen Huang

. sativus var. sativus and var. hardwickii identified by Ren et al. (2009) and lent support to the hypothesis of chromosomal structure changes in cucumber. This study also identified the determinate ( de ) and little leaf ( l ) genes to be located in

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Pablo Bolaños-Villegas, Shih-Wen Chin, and Fure-Chyi Chen

-Schneeweiss et al., 2003 ). In this work, we used CMA3 and DAPI to visualize differences in chromosome structure within hybrids, as was previously reported in Phalaenopsis and Doritis species ( Kao et al., 2001 ). We aimed to investigate cytogenetic

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Juan Chen, Nianhe Xia, Xiaoming Wang, Richard C. Beeson Jr., and Jianjun Chen

variations in the amount of nuclear DNA (C-value), with simultaneous changes in chromosome structures and numbers ( Negrón-Ortiz, 2007 ). In the present study, L. caerulea ‘Kamchatika’ and L. flava are tetraploids. Miyashita et al. (2011) reported that

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Hongmei Ma, Margaret Pooler, and Robert Griesbach

. Kermicle, J. Hicks, J. Wessler, S. 1988 Molecular cloning of the R-nj gene by transposon tagging with Ac 263 282 Gustafson J. Appels R. Chromosome structure and function: Impact of new concepts Plenum

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Anakkaorn Wannajindaporn, Chitpan Kativat, and Piyada Alisha Tantasawat

chromosome structure and numbers via the cytological method. This method has been used in several Dendrobium such as golden-bow orchid ( Dendrobium chrysotoxum ) ( Atichart, 2013 ), pigeon orchid ( Dendrobium crumenatum Sw.) ( Meesawat et al., 2008 ), and