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Fatih Ali Canli, Murat Sahin, Nurettin Temurtas, and Mustafa Pektas

( Table 1 ), and acidity ( Table 2 ) were significant, but no differences were observed between control and treated fruit with regard to fruit SSC and pH ( Table 2 ). Table 1. Effect of preharvest foliar applications of benzyladenine (BA) and BA

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Duane W. Greene, Aldo J. Crovetti, and Johan Pienaar

worldwide. Literature Cited Bound, S.A. 2006 Comparison of two 6-benzyladenine formulations and carbaryl for post- bloom thinning of apples Sci. Hort. 11 30 37 Bound, S.A. Jones, K.M. Koln, T.B. Oakford, M.J. 1991 The thinning effect of benzyladenine on red

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Areej A. Alosaimi, Robert R. Tripepi, and Stephen L. Love

tested for their ability to induce axillary shoot proliferation. Benzyladenine (from 0 to 8.8 µ m ) was considered the standard cytokinin to use as a comparison with other cytokinins. The two-way analyses revealed significant interactions ( P < 0

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Sonali R. Padhye and Judith K. Groninger

significance. Additionally, increased tillering can improve propagule yield of ornamental grasses propagated by divisions. Benzyladenine (BA) promoted branching of many dicotyledonous species ( Carpenter, 1975 ; Emongor et al., 2004 ; Latimer and Freeborn

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Amir Rezazadeh, Richard L. Harkess, and Guihong Bi

different modes of action have been developed to suppress apical dominance and enhance branching. Dikegulac sodium is translocated in the phloem to the apical meristem, inhibiting DNA synthesis resulting in a chemical pinching effect. Benzyladenine, a

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Duane W. Greene, James R. Schupp, and H. Edwin Winzeler

( Hartmann et al., 1968 ), and lupine ( Porter and Van Steveninck, 1966 ). This investigation was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of ABA as a fruit thinner when used alone and in combination with benzyladenine. Materials and Methods General. All ‘McIntosh

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Mara Grossman, John Freeborn, Holly Scoggins, and Joyce Latimer

using 20N-4.4P-16.6K Peters Professional General Purpose fertilizer (The Scotts Co. LLC, Marysville, OH). Benzyladenine (Configure; Fine Americas, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA) was applied to liners at least 8 h after removal from mist. This was considered the

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Duane W. Greene

status within a tree with thinning effectiveness and severity ( Byers et al., 1991 ; Kondo and Takahashi, 1987 ; Lakso, 2011 ; Stopar et al., 2001 ). Cited modes of action of naphthaleneacetic acid ( Stopar et al., 1997 ), benzyladenine ( Yuan and

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Nicole L. Waterland, John J. Finer, and Michelle L. Jones

included spray applications (≈4.4 mL per plant) of benzyladenine (BA) (MaxCel®; Valent BioSciences Corp.), GA 4+7 (ProVide®; Valent BioSciences Corp.), or BA + GA 4+7 (Promalin®/Fascination®; Valent BioSciences Corp.) were applied at the rates of 0, 1, 2

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Liping Zhang, Chen Shen, Jipeng Wei, and Wenyan Han

-Benzyladenine (6-BA) on the growth and yield of spring tea. Tea bushes were sprayed with 50, 100, 200, or 400 mg·L −1 6-BA solution. Control (0 mg·L −1 6-BA) tea bushes were simultaneously sprayed with distilled H 2 O. The density of bud, weight of 100 buds