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Pei Xu, Tingting Hu, Yuejian Yang, Xiaohua Wu, Baogen Wang, Yonghua Liu, Dehui Qin, Jeffrey Ehlers, Timothy Close, Zhongfu Lu and Guojing Li

, 1997 ; Singh, 2002 ). The ssp. sesquipedalis , also known as asparagus bean or “yard long” bean, is widely grown in east and southern Asia for production of immature pods. Genetic similarity between the two subspecies is high as evidenced by the fact

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Guojing Li, Yonghua Liu, Jeffrey D. Ehlers, Zhujun Zhu, Xiaohua Wu, Baogeng Wang and Zhongfu Lu

Asparagus bean” or “yardlong” bean [ Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedialis (L.) Verdc.] is a type of cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata ) that produces very long pods that are harvested at an immature stage and are similar in many respects to “snap

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Christine Coker, Mike Ely and Thomas Freeman

Yardlong bean, also called chinese long bean or asparagus bean, is the same species as cowpea. The pods are popular in southeast Asian, Chinese, and Filipino cultures. It is a vigorous climbing annual, producing 9- to 12-ft indeterminate vines. The

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Todd C. Wehner and Beiquan Mou

Crop listings : asparagus, bean–dry, bean–green, beet, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage–Chinese, carrot, cauliflower, celery, collard, cucumber, eggplant, endive, herbs–parsley, leek, lettuce, melon, okra, onion, pea–green, pepper, pumpkin, radish

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Richard H. Molinar

bean and sugar peas for tips or shoots). Chinese long beans ( Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis ), asparagus bean or yardlong bean, probably originated in West Africa or Asia. The plants are long trailing vines grown on trellises. The plants are

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Francisca López-Granados, M. Teresa Gómez-Casero, José M. Peña-Barragán, Montserrat Jurado-Expósito and Luis García-Torres

three periods of the year: Spring 2007 (on 15 May: alfalfa, asparagus, bean, early maize, garlic, onion, potato, sunflower, wheat, citrus, olive, and plum), early summer (on 28 June: alfalfa, asparagus, cotton, cucurbits, early maize, sunflower, citrus