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Hailin Shen, Zhendong Liu, Ke Yan, Liren Zou, Jinghui Wen, Yinshan Guo, Kun Li, and Xiuwu Guo

, Y.J. 2002 The effect of cytokinin on sex conversion of male plants of Vitis amurensis Acta Hort. Sinica 29 163 164 Ainsworth, C. Rahman, A. Parker, J. Edwards, G. 2005 Intersex inflorescences of Rumex acetosa demonstrate that sex determination is

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Young-Sik Park, Jae-Yun Heo, and Sun-Bai Bang

Vitis amurensis is a member of the family Vitaceae and is found in China, Japan, and Korea ( Venuti et al., 2013 ). Several researchers have reported that it has high disease resistance and freezing tolerance ( Jiao et al., 2015 ; Liu and Li, 2013

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Atsushi Kono, Akihiko Sato, Bruce Reisch, and Lance Cadle-Davidson

causing localized necrosis at the infection site Theor. Appl. Genet. 120 163 176 Blasi, P. Blanc, S. Wiedemann-Merdinoglu, S. Prado, E. Rühl, E.H. Mestre, P. Merdinoglu, D. 2011 Construction of a reference linkage map of Vitis amurensis and genetic

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Xiaoxu Yang, Yinshan Guo, Junchi Zhu, Zaozhu Niu, Guangli Shi, Zhendong Liu, Kun Li, and Xiuwu Guo

of the ‘Concord’ and some V. vinifera × V. labrusca hybrids. P4 mainly consisted of V. vinifera × V. amurensis , whereas P5 encompassed the Vitis amurensis pedigree including V. vinifera × V. amurensis cultivars such as Beijinghong and

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Guirong Li, Ran Quan, Chaohui Yan, Xiaojin Hou, and Huiling Hu

that VvNAC1 was highly expressed in fruit pulp, leaves, and flowers during the late stage of development, suggesting that its function may be related to plant senescence and/or flowering. NAC26 from Vitis amurensi s promoted tolerance to drought

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Bo Wang, Weimin Wu, Xicheng Wang, Zhuangwei Wang, and Yaming Qian

.S. Kiselev, K.V. Khristenko, V.S. Aleynova, O.A. 2015 VaCPK20 , a calcium-dependent protein kinase gene of wild grapevine Vitis amurensis Rupr., mediates cold and drought stress tolerance J. Plant Physiol. 185 1 12

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Daisuke Sakamoto, Shinnosuke Kusaba, and Yuri Nakamura

. Yang, Y. 2013 Bisexual flower ontogeny after chemical induction and berry characteristics evaluation in male Vitis amurensis Rupr Sci. Hort. 162 11 19 Watanabe, H. Kanehara, K. Kojima, K. 2003 The effect of greenhouse temperature on the formation of

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Omar Franco-Mora, Edgar Jesús Morales-Rosales, Andrés González-Huerta, and Juan Guillermo Cruz-Castillo

the roots of Vitis amurensis J. Asian Nat. Prod. Res. 2 21 28 IPGRI, UPOV, and OIV 1997 Descriptors for grapevine ( Vitis spp.) International Plant Genetic Institute Rome, Italy Li, Y.-t. Yao, C

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Kang Hee Cho, Jung Ho Noh, Seo Jun Park, Se Hee Kim, Dae-Hyun Kim, and Jae An Chun

.52 to 0.96. The average similarity value was 0.69 and the 37 grapevine cultivars were divided into five clusters. Vitis amurensis Rupr., a species of grapevine native Asian continent, was in Cluster I. Cluster II consisted of seven cultivars including

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Zehuang Zhang, Qihua Lin, and Qiuzhen Zhong

expression profiles of Vitis amurensis grape responding to downy mildew by using Solexa sequencing technology BMC Plant Biol. 10 234 Xie, R.J. Zhou, J. Wang, G.Y. Zhang, S.M. Chen, L. Gao, Z.S. 2011 Cultivar identification and genetic diversity of Chinese