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Yun-wen Wang, Bruce L. Dunn, Daryl B. Arnall, and Pei-sheng Mao

useful index to assess the growth status and leaf N level of a plant ( Seemann et al., 1987 ). For several horticultural crops, leaf N and chlorophyll concentration were found to be strongly correlated when checked using a SPAD chlorophyll meter ( Neilsen

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Sergio Jiménez, Jorge Pinochet, Anunciación Abadía, María Ángeles Moreno, and Yolanda Gogorcena

-Ractivity in 17 commercial and experimental Prunus rootstocks. The results obtained with the screening protocol were compared with leaf SPAD readings obtained under field conditions that induced iron chlorosis. Materials and Methods Plant material

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Yun-wen Wang, Bruce L. Dunn, and Daryl B. Arnall

horticultural crops, leaf N and chlorophyll concentration were found to be strongly correlated using a SPAD chlorophyll meter ( Neilsen et al., 1995 ; Shaahan et al., 1999 ; Vos and Bom, 1993 ; Wang et al., 2004 ; Westerveld et al., 2003 ; Zanin and Sambo

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Seong-Tae Choi, Doo-Sang Park, Seong-Mo Kang, and Soo-Jeong Park

subjective; different people perceive it differently. A quicker and quantitative method is thus needed. The SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter has been successfully used in assessing leaf N status of apple ( Neilsen et al., 1995a , 1995b ; Park et al., 2007

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James A. Hardin, Michael W. Smith, Paul R. Weckler, and Becky S. Cheary

/or reflected light at these wavelengths can be used to form empirical relationships, which estimate chlorophyll concentration and, consequently, N concentration in a leaf ( Richardson et al., 2002 ). A SPAD meter (Konica Minolta, Osaka, Japan) is a handheld

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Fairuz A. Buajaila, Pinki Devi, and Carol A. Miles

general plant health. Relative leaf greenness was measured with a SPAD meter (Minolta, Tokyo, Japan) on day 23 after grafting on each plant that “survived” according to the described rating system. The measurement was taken on the lateral middle leaf blade

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Russell Galanti, Alyssa Cho, Amjad Ahmad, and Javier Mollinedo

great benefit to macadamia growers. Chlorophyll and other components related to chlorophyll account for ≈75% of leaf N ( Loomis, 1997 ), making chlorophyll a fairly accurate indicator for N status in leaves. The SPAD-502 Chlorophyll Meter (Konica Minolta

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Iro Kokkinou, Nikolaos Ntoulas, Panayiotis A. Nektarios, and Dimitra Varela

according to Kargas et al. (2013) . SPAD. SPAD provides arbitrary values that indicate the green color of the leaves and its values have been correlated to plant chlorophyll content ( Loh et al., 2002 ). SPAD measurements were performed every 3 d at around

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Richard J. Campbell, Kendrick N. Mobley, Richard P. Marini, and Douglas G. Pfeiffer

The relationship between SPAD-501 meter readings (SPAD) and total chlorophyll content (TCHL) was evaluated for `Delicious' apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) leaves grown in various environments. Regression models were developed between SPAD and TCHL for each of six separate experiments and were evaluated for statistical coincidence. SPAD was linearly related in a positive manner to TCHL in five of the six experiments; however, models differed between experiments, particularly between field- and greenhouse-grown trees. Thus, the relationship between SPAD and TCHL must be determined for each experiment.

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Amir Ali Khoddamzadeh and Bruce L. Dunn

of leaf chlorophyll that then can be correlated with leaf N ( Filella et al., 1995 ). For several horticultural crops, leaf N and chlorophyll were strongly correlated using a SPAD chlorophyll meter ( Dunn et al., 2015 ; Hardin et al., 2012 ; Shaahan