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Colleen Kennedy, Luis F. Osorio, Natalia A. Peres and Vance M. Whitaker

( Vitis vinifera ), apple ( Malus × domestica ), and oak ( Quercus sp.) ( Agrios, 1997 ). Strawberry PM is caused by the obligate parasite Podosphaera aphanis (formerly Sphaerotheca macularis ). Podosphaera aphanis conidia are primarily wind

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Colleen Kennedy, Tomas N. Hasing, Natalia A. Peres and Vance M. Whitaker

). The causal agent of powdery mildew in strawberry is the obligate, biotrophic fungus, Podosphaera aphanis (Wallr.) U. Braun and S. Takam. [formerly Sphaerotheca macularis (Wall. ex Fries) Jacz f. sp. fragariae (Peries)]. The signs and symptoms of

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David C. Zlesak

significantly impacted by powdery mildew ( Phyllactinia guttata , Podosphaera aphanis var. physocarpi , and Podosphaera macularis ) and feeding damage from the specialist ninebark beetle ( Calligrapha spiraeae ). Lubell et al. (2011) surveyed several

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Maria T. Ariza, Juan J. Medina, Luis Miranda, José A. Gómez-Mora, Berta De Los Santos, Antonieta de Cal, Elsa Martínez-Ferri, Lucía Cervantes, Rosalía Villalba and Carmen Soria

’ susceptibility to Verticillium dahliae , Phytophthora cactorum , Podosphaera aphanis , Macrophomina phaseolina , and Colletotrichum acutatum was evaluated such as described in Avilés et al. (2009) , De los Santos et al. (2009) , Redondo et al. (2009

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Patrick P. Moore, Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt, Chad E. Finn and Chaim Kempler

[ Podosphaera aphanis (Wallr.) U. Braun & S. Takamatsu] and moderately susceptible to leaf scorch [ Diplocarpon earlianum (Ellis & Everh.) F.A. Wolf]. Availability Names of propagators with certified ‘Puget Crimson’ plants will be supplied by P.P. Moore on

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Agnieszka Masny, Edward Żurawicz and Jarosław Markowski

suitable for the fresh market. ‘Grandarosa’ plants are less susceptible to powdery mildew (caused by Podosphaera aphanis ) than plants of ‘Elsanta’ and are more tolerant to verticillium wilt (caused by Verticillium dahliae ) compared with ‘Honeoye’ and

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Vance M. Whitaker, Luis F. Osorio, Natalia A. Peres, Zhen Fan, Mark Herrington, M. Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, Anne Plotto and Charles A. Sims

) and Colletotrichum crown rot (caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complex) were described in Seijo et al. (2011) , Mertely et al. (2014a , 2014b ), and MacKenzie et al. (2006) . Foliar powdery mildew (caused by Podosphaera aphanis

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Vance M. Whitaker, Craig K. Chandler, Natalia Peres, M. Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes, Anne Plotto and Charles A. Sims

agent Podosphaera aphanis ) describes foliar symptoms only. Mortality due to colletotrichum crown rot (causal agent Colletotrichum gloeosporioides ), phytophthora crown rot (causal agent Phytophthora cactorum ), and charcoal rot (causal agent

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Chaim Kempler, Hugh A. Daubeny, Brian Harding, Lisa Frey, Tom E. Baumann, Chad E. Finn, Shahrokh Khanizadeh, Andrew R. Jamieson, Kenna MacKenzie, Patrick P. Moore and Mark Sweeney

and commonly present in the PNW ( Martin and Tzanetakis, 2006 ). ‘Stolo’ shows susceptibility to powdery mildew [ Podosphaera aphanis (Wallr.) U. Braun & S. Takam, formerly Sphaerotheca macularis Wallr. Ex. Fr.] when grown in a greenhouse but it

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Andrew R. Jamieson, Kevin R. Sanderson, Jean-Pierre Privé and Roger J.A. Tremblay

& Everh.) F.A. Wolf] and leaf spot [caused by Mycosphaerella fragariae (Tul.) Lindau] but susceptibility to powdery mildew [caused by Podosphaera aphanis (Wallr)] and fruit rot (caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers.:Fr.). ‘Valley Sunset’ is susceptible to