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Jiahua Xie, Todd C. Wehner, and Mark A. Conkling

Combining the use of PCR and single-strand conformation polymorphisms (SSCP), nine sequences from the cucumber genome were successfully identified and cloned that encoded two well-conserved asparagine-proline-alanine (NPA) domain homologues to aquaporin genes. The sensitivity and detection efficiency of SSCP and restriction enzyme analysis for detecting DNA sequence variation were evaluated using similar-sized DNA fragments. The SSCP analysis was more sensitive and efficient for discriminating different clones than restriction enzyme analysis, although some sequence variation inside similar-sized DNA fragments could be identified by restriction analysis. Consideration of the results of SSCP analysis with DNA sequence information indicated that one or two base pair changes in the amplified regions could be detected. Moreover, the SSCP analysis results of genomic DNA PCR products that were amplified by degenerate primers can provide rough information about the number of member genes. If the SSCP bands of a cloned fragment (such as CRB7) did not have the corresponding bands from genomic DNA PCR products, that fragment might be a misamplified product. The PCR-based SSCP method with degenerate oligonucleotide primers should facilitate the cloning of member genes.

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Abu Shamim Mohammad Nahiyan and Yoh-ichi Matsubara

, A.S.M. Boyer, L.R. Jeffries, P. Matsubara, Y. 2011 PCR-SSCP analysis of fusarium diversity in asparagus decline in Japan Eur. J. Plant Pathol. 130 197 203 Norman, J.R. Atkinson, D. Hooker, J.E. 1996 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal-induced alteration to

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Tomohiro Okada and Yoh-ichi Matsubara

, H.G. Ikawa, M. Peirce, L.C. 1991 Caffeic acid identified as an inhibitory compound in asparagus root filtrate HortScience 26 1525 1527 Nahiyan, A.S.M. Boyer, L.R. Jeffries, P. Matsubara, Y. 2011 PCR-SSCP analysis of Fusarium diversity in asparagus