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Thomas G. Beckman, Jose X. Chaparro, and Wayne B. Sherman

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Thomas G. Beckman and William R. Okie

Differences in chilling and post-rest heat requirements of various stonefruits were investigated through the use of cuttings collected from field grown trees. Materials studied included P. angustifolia Marsh, P. besseyi Bailey, P. maritima Marsh, P. persica (L.) Batsch (`Agua 6-4', `Flordaking', `Pi Tao', `Redhaven', `Redskin', and `Ta Tao'), P. umbellata Ell. and a Japanese type plum (`Byrongold'). Cuttings were collected after natural leaf fall and shortly after the onset of of chill hour accumulation. Cuttings were stored at 4°C. Groups of cuttings were removed from storage after various amounts of chilling and allowed to develop at 16, 21 or 27°C. Cuttings were observed for both vegetative and flower bud break. Magnitude of differences in chilling and post-rest heat requirements and their implications in the breeding of peaches for low and moderate chill areas will be discussed.

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Dario J. Chavez, Thomas G. Beckman, and José X. Chaparro

,” and “Beach Clade.” The American Clade included P. americana var. americana , P. americana var. lanata , P. mexicana , Prunus rivularis , P. hortulana , P. umbellata var. injucunda ; the Chickasaw Clade included P. angustifolia , P