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Fumiko Ishizuna and Nobuhiro Tsutsumi

independent of daylength. On the other hand, whether a formed bud reaches blooming may depend on environmental factors. Literature Cited Esau, K. Kosakai, H. 1975 Leaf arrangement Nelumbo nucifera. A r e-examination of unique phyllotaxy Phytomorphology 25

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Daike Tian, Ken M. Tilt, Jeff L. Sibley, Floyd M. Woods, and Fenny Dane

Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.), also called Asian lotus, is an aquatic herbaceous perennial plant. N. nucifera has an extremely long history in cultivation as a vegetable, medicinal, and ornamental plant in Eastern countries ( Wang and Zhang

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Togo M. Traore, Deacue Fields, Floyd M. Woods, Amy N. Wright, Kenneth M. Tilt, Weidong Ke, and Yiman Liu

oxidative damage in senescence-accelerated mice Behav. Brain Res. 194 100 107 Guo, H.B. 2008 Cultivation of Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. ssp. nucifera ) and its utilization in China Genet. Resources Crop Evol. 56 323 330 Hertog, M.G.L. 1994 Flavonoids

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Ting Min, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Wenfu Hou, Youwei Ai, and Hongxun Wang

-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of the ethylene response factor of Nelumbo nucifera ( NnERF ) genes. Statistical analysis. Figures were drawn using Origin 8.0 software (OriginLab, Northhampton, MA). Statistical analysis of differences was analyzed by least

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Yanjie Wang, Yeqing Chen, Man Yuan, Zeyun Xue, Qijiang Jin, and Yingchun Xu

seven flavonoid biosynthetic genes, and investigated their expression patterns together with the accumulation of total flavonoids and anthocyanins during flower development. Fig. 1. The putative flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in Nelumbo nucifera

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Ting Min, Li-Fang Niu, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Li-mei Wang, You-wei Ai, and Hong-xun Wang

, the short shelf-lives and decline in the postprocessing of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables limit their production for retail. Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera ) root is an important aquatic vegetable in China. Fresh-cut lotus root is a popular vegetable, but

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Ting Min, En-chao Liu, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Li-mei Wang, You-wei Ai, and Hong-xun Wang

incidence and phenol compound metabolism in fresh-cut lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera G.) root Postharvest Biol. Technol. 123 69 76 Min, T. Yin, X.R. Shi, Y.N. Luo, Z.R. Yao, Y.C. Grierson, D. Ferguson, I.B. Chen, K.S. 2012 Ethylene-responsive transcription

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Ning Shi, Xiaojing Liu, Fengfeng Du, Yajun Chang, Naiwei Li, Yuesheng Ding, and Dongrui Yao

Lotus ( Nelumbo Adans.) is one of the earliest angiosperms ( Du et al., 2016 ) and comprises only two species, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. and Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) Pers, which are herbaceous aquatic perennials that are valued as ornamental

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Daike Tian and Ken Tilt

Lotus, often confused with botanical Lotus Linn. in the legume family, is the common name of Nelumbo Adans. (Nelumbonaceae), which has only two species, Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. native to Asia and N. lutea Willd. native to America and the

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Xiaojing Liu, Naiwei Li, Fengfeng Du, Xin Li, Yajun Chang, Ning Shi, Yuesheng Ding, and Dongrui Yao

Lotus ( Nelumbo nucifera ) is one of the most popular ornamental flowers in Asia. There are two species of lotus: N. nucifera Gaertn. and Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) Pers ( Savolainen and Chas, 2003 ). One major difference between the species is