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Jack E. Staub, Zhanyong Sun, Sang-Min Chung, and Richard L. Lower

Genetic linkage mapping has historically been the basis for genomic investigation and the analysis of quantitative trait loci (QTL) ( Doerge, 2002 ). The construction of a detailed linkage map is, in fact, the initial step for the use of genetic

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Jian-Feng Geng, Cheng-Song Zhu, Xiao-Wei Zhang, Yan Cheng, Yuan-Ming Zhang, and Xi-Lin Hou

increase the selection efficiency. Genetic linkage maps that are essential to the detection of QTL and other applications have been constructed for nearly all economically important plants. Although there are a number of genetic maps reported in B. rapa

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Konstantinos G. Batziakas, Shehbaz Singh, Kanwal Ayub, Qing Kang, Jeffrey K. Brecht, Cary L. Rivard, and Eleni D. Pliakoni

). Quality loss can result in disposal of the commodity or reduce its consumer acceptability ( Shewfelt et al., 2014 ), which is one of the main drivers of postharvest food waste in fresh produce ( Baldwin, 2002 ). MAP is a postharvest intervention that has

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Matthew S. Wilson and Chad T. Miller

reference specimens covered in the course for study purposes. In the Landscape Plants I and II courses at Kansas State University, the authors developed virtual plant walk maps using the Google Maps web-application (Google, Mountain View, CA) as an

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Celia M. Cantín, Carlos H. Crisosto, and Kevin R. Day

occurring near the plum pit. Controlled atmosphere (CA) or modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and RH management are used as supplements to fruit cold storage to limit water loss, delay ripening, and suppress diseases ( Beaudry, 1999 ; Smith et al., 1987

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Yiqun Weng, Shanna Johnson, Jack E. Staub, and Sanwen Huang

polymorphism is low (3% to 12%; Dijkhuizen et al., 1996 ; Horejsi and Staub, 1999 ; Knerr et al., 1989 ; Meglic et al., 1996 ), which in turn makes the construction of saturated maps (mean marker interval less than 2 cM) difficult in this species ( Bradeen

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Soon O. Park, Hye Y. Hwang, and Kevin M. Crosby

bp ( Arumuganathan and Earle, 1991 ); genetic polymorphism ranges from 10% to 15% ( Staub et al., 1997 ) and genomic length is 2276 to 3250 cM ( Staub and Meglic, 1993 ). Pitrat (1991) developed a classical melon linkage map consisting of 28

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Matthew S. Wilson, Chad T. Miller, and Nicholas R. Bloedow

neighborhood, and arboreta), which were covered in the course. Web-based mapping technologies allow both instructors and students to create virtual plant walk maps containing the locations, ID, and descriptive information, as well as photos and videos for each

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A. Levi, C.E. Thomas, T. Trebitsh, A. Salman, J. King, J. Karalius, M. Newman, O.U.K. Reddy, Y. Xu, and X. Zhang

The authors gratefully acknowledge Laura Pence for her technical work in constructing the map. Use of trade names does not imply endorsement of the products names nor criticism of similar ones not named.

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Prashant Bhandari and Tong Geon Lee

Genetic improvements in crop plants have been achieved by mating selected parents and assessing the performance of the progeny. This method requires breeders or geneticists to assemble desirable genes. Genetic maps depict the location of genetic