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Alexander G. Litvin, Marc W. van Iersel, and Anish Malladi

and held until further analysis. Identification of gibberellin metabolism and cell expansion-related genes. Tomato genes potentially associated with the regulation of later stages of GA metabolism ( GA20ox , GA3ox , and GA2ox ), GA signaling ( DELLA

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Kai Zhao, Feng Zhang, Yi Yang, Yue Ma, Yuexue Liu, He Li, Hongyan Dai, and Zhihong Zhang

stages of GA biosynthesis require the action of 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases, including the GA20-ox that catalyzes the penultimate step in the formation of bioactive GA, and has been shown to be an important regulator in GA biosynthesis pathway

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Zanzan Li, Jinyu Hu, Hang Tang, Liping Cao, Yuhang Chen, Qiaosheng Guo, and Changlin Wang

. vulgaris . The relative expression levels of the flowering-related genes soc1 , elf3 , svp , and ga20ox showed the same trend among the four treatments: the expression levels of soc1 , elf3 , svp , and ga20ox in the VSD group were significantly

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Suxiao Hao, Yanfen Lu, Jing Liu, Yufen Bu, Qi Chen, Nan Ma, Zhiqin Zhou, and Yuncong Yao

effect on the expression of KO ( Fig. 5A ). The transcription levels of KAO , KS, and GA20ox genes, all of which are also related to GA biosynthesis, were upregulated in the plants treated with GA 3 but were downregulated in the plants treated

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Jennifer Han, Jan E. Murray, Qingyi Yu, Paul H. Moore, and Ray Ming

(GA20ox), GA 3-oxidase (GA3ox), and GA 2-oxidase (GA2ox). Arabidopsis has almost twice the number of enzymes for each family compared with papaya. GA20ox and GA3ox are involved in forming bioactive GAs, whereas GA2ox functions to deactivate bioactive

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Irfan Ali Sabir, Xunju Liu, Songtao Jiu, Matthew Whiting, and Caixi Zhang

constant level (GA homeostasis). GA homeostasis can be established in plant tissues by suppressing GA biosynthesis and promoting GA catabolism. Reduced expression of the GA biosynthetic genes GA20ox and GA3ox is considered to facilitate biosynthesis

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Xiaohua Yang, Susan K. Brown, and Peter J. Davies

from the normal strains. The dioxygenases GA-20ox, GA-3ox, and GA-2ox are often encoded by multigene families ( Sponsel and Hedden, 2010 ), so defects of certain enzymes in dwarf plants may be covered by other gene family members, which may have