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. Germination and seedling growth using vermiculite and cork granulates as top coats. Tomato seeds germinated after 8.1 d when top coated with vermiculite, which was not different from the 8.3 d required for tomato seeds coated with cork granulates to germinate

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associated authority files 12 June 2006 < > Murphy, J.B. Stanley, R.G. 1975 Increased germination rates of baldcypress and pondcypress seed following treatments affecting the seed coat Physiol. Plant. 35 135 139 10

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) documented improved kentucky bluegrass establishment when seed coated with diatomaceous earth and cytokinins was used compared with uncoated seed or seed coated with diatomaceous earth only. To prevent seedling diseases, coatings treated with fungicides were

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seeds coated with hydrophilic materials Agron. J. 72 1006 1008 10.2134/agronj1980.00021962007200060033x Bishnoi, U.R. Wilhite, J. 2005 Germination and stand establishment of polymer coated canola ( Brassica napus L.) seeds subjected to moisture stress

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.pdf > Lee, J.D. Hwang, Y.H. 1998 Quality evaluation for vegetable use in local soybean cultivars with various seed coat color Korean J. Crop Sci. 43 83 88 Nguyen, V.Q. 1997 Edamame (vegetable green soybean) 10 Mar. 2006 < http

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The old-fashioned bleeding heart ( Dicentra spectabilis ) from northeast Asia was recently reclassified as Lamprocapnos spectabilis in the family Fumariaceae based on DNA sequencing and differences in pollen and seed coat anatomy from other

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greenhouse adjusted to 84 °F, and placed on heating pads set to 89 °F. Seeds of triploid watermelon were oriented with the radicle oriented upward to facilitate release of the seed coat ( Maynard, 1989 ). After seeds were sown, planting trays were placed on

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). All sections are 30 μ m (microns); 1 mm = 0.0394 inch. Fig. 2. Loulu palm ( Pritchardia remota ) seedcoat and operculum. Seed coats (sc) stained with phloroglucinol (A) or toluidene blue (B) display lignification of the cells and a prominent lignin

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. Peterson, C.A. Gijzen, M. 2004 Cracks in the palisade cuticle of soybean seed coats correlate with their permeability to water Ann. Bot. 94 213 228 10.1093/aob/mch133 Martínez Richart, A.I. 2019 Aloe arborescens . The IUCN red list of threatened species

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