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Mingying Xiang, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis L. Martin and Yanqi Wu

acclimation period, daily subirrigation was applied to all the pots by solution tanks (50 gal) that were fitted with a water pump and timer. The greenhouse nonpotable water source used in this study had a pH of 7.8, an electrical conductivity (EC) level of 0

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Steve J. McArtney, John D. Obermiller, James R. Schupp, Michael L. Parker and Todd B. Edgington

applying a gaseous material in the field. Initial attempts to deliver 1-MCP through a spraying system as the SmartFresh formulation demonstrated that the spray solution had to be applied immediately on mixing with water to minimize losses of 1-MCP gas

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Robert Andrew Kerr, Lambert B. McCarty, Philip J. Brown, James Harris and J. Scott McElroy

. Developing management techniques to reduce turfgrass injury while maintaining herbicide efficacy is imperative for effective POST control of goosegrass within turfgrass stands. Immediately incorporating products via irrigation, or tank-mixing products such as

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Mingying Xiang, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis L. Martin, Kemin Su, Bruce L. Dunn and Yanqi Wu

, data (TQ, LF, GSNDVI, FSNDVI, DGCI, VR, and DIA) were collected for all pots and then we gradually added an Instant Ocean Synthetic Sea Salt mix (Aquarium System, Mentor, OH) to the salinity treatment tank to reach the appropriate salinity level. The

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Maria L. Burgos-Garay, Chuanxue Hong and Gary W. Moorman

inoculum for further testing. Recycled irrigation water collection. RIW samples collected every ≈60 d for 3 years (2009–12) from cement tanks (23,000-L tank in Greenhouse A; 76,000-L tank in Greenhouse B) located inside two commercial greenhouses in

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Qi Zhang, Jack Fry, Channa Rajashekar, Dale Bremer and Milton Engelke

were published by Zhang et al. (2009) . Briefly, 96 containers of ‘Meyer’ and ‘Cavalier’ were propagated in cone-containers (8 cm diameter × 20 cm deep) in a root zone mix and were kept in a greenhouse with average 30/20 °C day and night temperature

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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall and Joshua Knight

of a tank mix of a fungicide (0.041 kg a.i./1000 plants) and insecticide (0.013 kg a.i./1000 plants) were performed. During production density, nine applications of the same tank mix of fungicide and insecticide were performed. Applications of the

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Charis-Konstantina Kontopoulou, Sofia Giagkou, Efthalia Stathi, Dimitrios Savvas and Pietro P.M. Iannetta

( Martinez-Romero et al., 1991 ). The commercial mix was selected because previous reports highlighted the potential of inoculating legumes with a combination of rhizobia and Azotobacter ( Rodelas et al., 1999 ). Polymerase chain reaction (PCR

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James R. Schupp, Thomas M. Kon and H. Edwin Winzeler

, 2002 ), especially with ethephon-sensitive cultivars such as ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Rome’ ( Byers, 2003 ). Carbaryl is considered a mild thinner and is most often used in a tank mix to boost the activity of other thinning chemistries. Sensitivity to

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, glufosinate, saflufenacil, and tank mixes of glufosinate plus saflufenacil and glufosinate plus carfentrazone for vine desiccation. Treatments were applied at three different timings. They report that glufosinate and saflufenacil were suitable alternatives to