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Rita de Cássia Alves, Ana Santana de Medeiros, Mayara Cristina M. Nicolau, Francisco de Assis Oliveira, Leonardo Warzea Lima, Edna Maria M. Aroucha and Priscila Lupino Gratão

, greenhouse farming has become a viable alternative for crop production. The use of greenhouses in commercial agriculture is being widely adopted worldwide because of its numerous benefits, including controlled environment management, production efficiency

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Amy N. Wright, James A. Robbins and Mengmeng Gu

Nurseryman, 2010 ). San Luis Video Publishing (Los Osos, CA) offers a small number of DVDs on greenhouse management, each ≈30 min long and costing $95 ( San Luis Video Publishing, 2010 ). Insight Media (New York) offers a DVD on container-grown plants

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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall and Joshua Knight

nature of production or manufacturing practices ( Boston Consulting Group, 2009 ; Rankin et al., 2011 ). For greenhouse growers, sustainable production means applying best management practices to enhance plant quality and reduce negative environmental

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Howard F. Harrison Jr. and Mark W. Farnham

comparison with cabbage cultivars using greenhouse and field experiments to assess the potential for safely using clomazone for weed management in broccoli. Materials and methods Greenhouse experiment. Four hybrid broccoli cultivars (Captain, Green Magic

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Kathryn M. Santos, Paul R. Fisher and William R. Argo

167 171 Nelson, P.V. 1998 Greenhouse operations and management 5th Ed Prentice Hall Englewood Cliffs, NJ Nelson, P.V. 1990 Developing root zone management strategies to minimize water and fertilizer waste: The United States perspective with emphasis on

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Thomas Graham and Michael A. Dixon

Marchantia polymorpha L., a common thalloid liverwort, is a significant weed species in nursery and greenhouse operations across North America and Europe, being particularly problematic in propagation houses where the environmental conditions

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Jennifer L. Parke, Neelam R. Redekar, Joyce L. Eberhart and Fumiaki Funahashi

isolates from greenhouse water tanks in Pennsylvania were not pathogenic in assays with geranium ( Pelargonium ×hortorum ) seedlings ( Choudhary et al., 2016 ). It is not known if P. litorale is causing disease in Nursery B. Changes to nursery management

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Alberto Pardossi and Luca Incrocci

diseases, energy cost for pumping, water loss, and environmental pollution due to nutrient leaching. Thompson et al. (2007) identified that poor management of drip irrigation was responsible for nitrate leaching in greenhouse tomato production in Almeria

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Sadman Islam, Mark Lefsrud, Jan Adamowski, Blake Bissonnette and Allison Busgang

campus. The Horticulture Services Building is used as a storage, processing, and retail space for the activities that occur in the surrounding gardens and the two greenhouses. Irrigation of the greenhouses consumes ≈700 gal of freshwater per day. The

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Xiaofeng Yang, Lianzhu Chen, Ming Cao, Xuebin Zhang and Shaopeng Li

dynamics model to quantitatively investigate the impacts of potassium on growth dynamics and yield to facilitate the optimization of potassium management for muskmelon production in plastic greenhouses, and develop a coupling model of nitrogen and potassium