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Grace Q. Chen, Louisa Vang and Jiann-Tsyh Lin

The conventional source of hydroxyl fatty acid is from castor oil, which contains 90% ricinoleate (C18:1OH). Ricinoleate and its derivatives are used as raw materials for numerous industrial products such as lubricants, plasticizers, and

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Xinjing Qu, Hui Wang, Ming Chen, Jiao Liao, Jun Yuan and Genhua Niu

drought-tolerant cultivars of oil tea, an understanding of the physiological and metabolic responses to drought stress and the mechanism of tolerance is essential. Metabolites are the final products of the cell regulation process, which is not only closely

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David Obenland, Dennis Margosan, Joseph L. Smilanick and Bruce Mackey

. The peel of navel oranges and other citrus ( Citrus spp.) contain large amounts of essential oils that reside both within ( Bosabalidis and Tsekos, 1982 ; Shomer, 1980 ) and outside ( Obenland et al., 1997 ) of the oil glands in the flavedo

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Barbara M. Schmidt

different countries. Often, there are dealers, distributors, and wholesalers involved, creating a complex trail of players. Exports may be a finished product like an extract or essential oil or it could be a commodity like whole or ground dry plant parts. To

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Christian A. Wyenandt, James E. Simon, Margaret T. McGrath and Daniel L. Ward

Sweet basil ( Ocimum basilicum L., Fam. Lamaiaceae) is the most commercially important annual culinary herb crop grown in the United States. Sweet basil is grown for culinary use for both fresh and dry consumption and as a source of essential oil

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Luis Rallo

programs share common objectives (high and early crops, high-density plantations, and mechanical harvesting). Oil content is essential for oil cultivars, and the fruit size and shape and the quality of the processed olives are essential for table cultivars

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Ossama Kodad and Rafel Socias i Company

high self-compatibility level. This information will be essential in evaluating the fruit and kernel quality of any new self-compatible cultivar—before further planting is recommended—to ensure a high-quality crop under all growing and pollination

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C. Yang, D.Y. Jiao, Z.Q. Cai, H.D. Gong and G.Y. Li

, whereas high seed oil content was found in ABA and SA treatments across different sampling date. Because of an essential role in seed development ( Singh et al., 2002 ), GA 3 is registered for use to increase fruit or seed size of numerous vine and fruit

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David G. Hall, Tim R. Gottwald, Ed Stover and G. Andrew C. Beattie

trees is essential to sustain a citrus industry ( Spreen, 2012 ), and little information was available on effectiveness of insecticidal control of ACP on consequent introduction and spread of the HLB pathogen in new plantings. Presented here are the

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Neo Edwin Nyakane, Moosa Mahmood Sedibe and Elisha Markus

physiology, as well as oil quantity and oil composition to meet geranium bourbon essential oil standards, has caught the interest of many scientists around the world. External MF application for the purpose of nutrient modification in microorganisms and