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A. Maaike Wubs, Yuntao Ma, Lia Hemerik and Ep Heuvelink

Flower and fruit abortion is a yield-limiting factor in many crops ( Bacci et al., 2006 ; Goldschmidt, 1999 ; Halbrecq et al., 2005 ). Abortion can be caused by unfavorable conditions such as temperature stress ( Guilioni et al., 1997 ), low

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Geok Yong Tan

, and yield recording of the experiment. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal regulations, this paper therefore must be hereby marked advertisement solely to indicate this fact.

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Rebecca L. Darnell, Horacio E. Alvarado-Raya and Jeffrey G. Williamson

( Darnell et al., 2006 ; Knight et al., 1996 ). In this annual system, raspberry plants are removed after harvest and are replaced with new prechilled long-canes for the next season. Previous work has shown that yields in this annual system are less than

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Fekadu Fufa Dinssa, Peter Hanson, Dolores R. Ledesma, Ruth Minja, Omary Mbwambo, Mansuet Severine Tilya and Tsvetelina Stoilova

yield over a range of locations and seasons representing different altitudes, weather patterns, soil types, and fertility levels under which amaranth is grown, and to assess the relative contributions of genetic vs. environmental sources of variation for

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Bruno Casamali, Jeffrey G. Williamson, Alisson P. Kovaleski, Steven A. Sargent and Rebecca L. Darnell

the yield losses that occur with multicaned plants, as well as reduce the need to prune the bushes to fit the harvest machines. Along with the desired characteristics for mechanical harvesting, V. arboreum tolerates high pH (above 6.0) and low

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Jyotsna Joshi, Geng Zhang, Shanqi Shen, Kanyaratt Supaibulwatana, Chihiro K.A. Watanabe and Wataru Yamori

“Plant factories with artificial lighting” are a new type of facility that can produce high yield with high quality all year round in a controlled environment (e.g., lighting, temperature, CO 2 concentration, and nutrients) ( Kozai, 2013a ; Yamori

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Philip J. White, John E. Bradshaw, M. Finlay, B. Dale, Gavin Ramsay, John P. Hammond and Martin R. Broadley

improve yields on infertile soils ( White and Broadley, 2005a ). MINERAL COMPOSITION OF POTATOES Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A single medium-sized potato weighing 200 g fresh weight (FW) can provide ≈26% of

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Ricardo Goenaga, Tomas Ayala and Adolfo Quiles

observed by the authors during these regeneration cycles in field plots with pH >8.0. Tolerance is defined in this study as the ability of a PI to produce a good crop (seed yield over 1000 kg·ha −1 ) when field grown at a pH >7.5. The present study was

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Dave Hawley, Thomas Graham, Michael Stasiak and Mike Dixon

in this study more simply as cannabis. Like any other cash crop, producers seek to maximize yield, while also optimizing or otherwise standardizing quality. Floral bud tissue is of primary interest when attempting to maximize cannabis yield. Floral

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Harbans L. Bhardwaj and Anwar A. Hamama ). The overall goal of lablab research was to expand the menu of alternative crops for tobacco farmers in a nontraditional area. Specifically, the objective of the current research of lablab was to characterize lablab seed yield and the composition of its