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Carly Gillett, Kathryn Fontenot, Edward Bush, Maud Walsh and Charles Johnson

planted with vegetables before the start of camp, so campers would have harvestable produce during the camp as well as the opportunity to plant new vegetable transplants and seeds. Camp lessons were developed using Louisiana Grade Level Expectations

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Michael R. Evans, Andrew K. Koeser, Guihong Bi, Susmitha Nambuthiri, Robert Geneve, Sarah Taylor Lovell and J. Ryan Stewart

The greenhouse industry relies on a wide range of containers when producing commodities like flowering potted crops, perennials, annual bedding plants, and vegetable transplants. Petroleum-based plastics (plastic) are the most common materials used

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Shawna L. Daley, Jeffrey Adelberg and Richard L. Hassell

treatment to increase grafting success. Clemson Univ., Clemson, SC, MS Thesis Rutledge, A.D. 2009 Growing vegetable transplants in Tennessee. 20 Feb. 2013. < > U.S. Department of Agriculture

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Shawna L. Daley, William Patrick Wechter and Richard L. Hassell

inhibition of cotyledon photosynthesis on seedling development in Cucumis sativus L Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 40 815 824 Rutledge, A.D. 2009 Growing vegetable transplants in Tennessee. Univ. Tennessee Agr. Ext. Serv. PB 819. 20 Feb. 2013. < https

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Matthew J. Leavitt, Craig C. Sheaffer, Donald L. Wyse and Deborah L. Allan

-tillage seeders, vegetable transplanters, and machinery to control high-residue cover crops have increased the efficacy of this system in recent years ( Hoyt et al., 1994 ; Morse, 1999 ). However, mechanical weed control remains a challenge in no-tillage, high

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Mark Gaskell and Richard Smith

trials ( Aung and Flick, 1980 ; Gaskell, 2001 , 2004 ; Gaskell et al., 2000 ; Smith, 2001 ). Studies have shown the usefulness of commercial fertilizer products for growing organic vegetable transplants ( Russo, 2005 ). The timing of fertilizer use

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Monica Ozores-Hampton

Agency, Washington, DC VanTine, M. Verlinden, S. 2003 Growing organic vegetable transplants. 28 July 2011. < > Vyn, T.J. Faber, J.G. Janovicek, K.J. Beauchamp, E.G. 2000 Cover crop effects on nitrogen availability

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Yuqi Li and Neil S. Mattson

knowledge, there is no report about the effect of seaweed extracts on the postharvest life of bedding plants and vegetable transplants. Different plant species can have different responses to the application methods and rates of seaweed concentrate ( Khan et

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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall and Joshua Knight

farm operations Environ. Intl. 30 981 990 Liu, J. Leatherwood, W.R. Mattson, N.S. 2012 Irrigation method and fertilization concentration differentially alter growth of vegetable transplants HortTechnology 22 56 63 Rankin, A. Gray, A. Boehlje, M

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Manuel Díaz-Pérez and Francisco Camacho-Ferre

J. Agr. Res. 61 17 39 Srinivas, T.R. 2001 Salinity tolerance of tomato germplasm during germination Seed Sci. Technol. 29 673 677 Sterrett, S.B. 2001 Compost as horticultural substrates for vegetable transplant production 227 240 Stoffella P.J. Kahn