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Jorge A. Cardona, Allen F. Wysocki and Stephen T. Talcott

vitamin C, tocopherols, polyphenolics, and organic acids can be found in fruit, vegetables, spices, and herbs ( Meyer et al., 2002 ). Moreover, polyphenolics can be widely found in pomace or wastes of numerous fruit and vegetables after processing

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Xiuxiu Sun, Elizabeth Baldwin, Mark Ritenour, Anne Plotto and Jinhe Bai

-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC), and the results showed that oxygen significantly increased the overall discoloration of paprika pigments ( Morais et al., 2001 ). The addition of other antioxidants, such as tocopherols, were able to

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Dean A. Kopsell, J. Scott McElroy, Carl E. Sams and David E. Kopsell

. Klein, B.P. Jeffery, E.H. Kushad, M. Walig, M.A. Juvik, J.A. 1999 Carotene, tocopherol, and ascorbate in subspecies of Brassica oleracea J. Agr. Food Chem. 47 1576 1581 Le Marchand, L

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Kubilay Kurtulus Bastas and Fikrettin Sahin

.R. 2004 Resistance of raspberry cultivars to fire blight HortScience 39 1189 1192 Carvalho, E. Fraser, P.D. Martens, S. 2013 Carotenoids and tocopherols in yellow and red raspberries Food Chem. 139 744 752 Crosse, J.E. Goodman, R.N. 1973 A selective medium

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Narinder P.S. Dhillon, Supannika Sanguansil, Supornpun Srimat, Roland Schafleitner, B. Manjunath, Parag Agarwal, Qu Xiang, Mohammed Abu Taher Masud, Thaingi Myint, Ngo Thi Hanh, Tran Kim Cuong, Conrado H. Balatero, Venus Salutan-Bautista, Michel Pitrat, Aleš Lebeda and James D. McCreight

.M. Ledesma, D.R. Habicht, S.D. Ray-Yu, Y. 2017 Varietal and harvesting stage variation in the content of carotenoids, ascorbic acid and tocopherols in the fruit of bitter gourd ( Momordica charantia L.) Plant Genet. Resources. 15 248 259 Dhillon, N

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Carlos H. Crisosto, Vanessa Bremer, Louise Ferguson and Gayle M. Crisosto

vitamin C, tocopherols, carotenoids, and phenolics can alter the metabolic activation and detoxification/disposition of carcinogens, affect processes that modify the development of tumor cells ( Kader, 2001 ), and avoid neurochemical and behavioral changes

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Daljeet S. Dhaliwal and Martin M. Williams II

mg per 100 g), vitamin B1 (0.4 mg per 100 g), vitamin B2 (0.17 mg per 100 g), isoflavones and tocopherols ( Shanmugamsundaram and Yan, 2004 ). The United States is second in global grain-type soybean production, accounting for 122.5 million metric

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Kathleen G. Haynes, Beverly A. Clevidence, David Rao and Bryan T. Vinyard

( Solanum tuberosum L.) reveals cultivars with high levels of β-carotene, α-tocopherol, chlorogenic acid, and petanin J. Agr. Food Chem. 55 10839 10849 Bamberg, J.B. del Rio, A. 2005 Conservation of genetic resources 1 38 Razdan M.K. Mattoo A.K. Genetic

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Allan F. Brown, Gad G. Yousef, Ivette Guzman, Kranthi K. Chebrolu, Dennis J. Werner, Mike Parker, Ksenija Gasic and Penelope Perkins-Veazie

Concentrations of proanthocyanidins in common foods and estimations of normal consumption J. Nutr. 134 613 617 Guzman, I. Yousef, G.G. Brown, A.F. 2012 Simultaneous extraction and quantitation of carotenoids, chlorophylls, and tocopherols in Brassica vegetables

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Chang-Xia Du, Huai-Fu Fan, Shi-Rong Guo and Takafumi Tezuka

system also includes nonenzymatic constituents, such as glutathione, ascorbic acid, α -tocopherols, and carotenoids ( Apel and Hirt, 2004 ). In recent years, growing interest has focused on the idea that the regulation of these antioxidants by an