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Yeun-Kyung Chang, Richard E. Veilleux and Muhammad Javed Iqbal

, and low cost ( Griesbach, 2002 ; Laws, 2004 ). The orchid family is unique because hybridization is possible not only between species, but also between members of related genera. Moreover, hybrids can interbreed with other species to create novel

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Geoffrey C. Denny and Michael A. Arnold

endangered plant species, so does the need for an understanding of the relatedness and evolutionary history of plants. Correct plant nomenclature becomes more important regarding to which genus a species belongs or whether two taxa are distinct species or

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Jennifer M. Bousselot, James E. Klett and Ronda D. Koski

lightweight, well drained, and prone to extreme fluctuations in moisture content. As a result of the characteristics of the substrate, plant species used in extensive green roof systems, among other things, must be able to adapt to periods of low moisture

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Benjamin Wherley and Thomas R. Sinclair

., 1999 ; Feldhake et al., 1983 ; Green et al., 1990 ; Krogman, 1966 ; Mantell, 1966 ; Shearman and Beard, 1973 ). The grass species used in these previous studies have usually been mowed on a weekly basis at heights exceeding 25 mm. One approach to

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Alison E. Heather, Hector E. Pérez and Sandra B. Wilson

. Often species possess more than one type of dormancy mechanism ( Baskin and Baskin, 2004 ; Bradbeer, 1988 ). Although seed dormancy is important from an ecological perspective, it can hinder propagation and production of wild species with potential in

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Zhanao Deng, Fahrettin Goktepe, Brent K. Harbaugh and Jinguo Hu

knowledge could be helpful for choosing parents for crosses because most cultivars presently grown do not have much pedigree information in the literature. In addition to cultivars, species accessions represent another important source of genetic variation

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Megh Singh, Shiv D. Sharma, Analiza H.M. Ramirez and Amit J. Jhala

; Duke and Powles, 2008 ). The combination of effective control of many annual and perennial weed species, a favorable environmental profile, and economical cost to the growers has resulted in the widespread use of glyphosate for weed control. Glyphosate

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Xiaobai Li, Weirui Li, Chenlu Di, Ming Xie, Liang Jin, Cheng Huang and Dianxing Wu

Chinese cymbidiums refer to species and hybrids derived from Cymbidium goeringii , C. faberi , C. ensifolium , C. kanran , and C. sinense . These are terrestrial species and most cultivars of these species present superior flower shape, foliage

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Ian Lane, Eric Watkins and Marla Spivak

primary cultural practices: mowing, fertilizing, and irrigation ( Turgeon, 1999 ). These practices are intended to favor turf species and, when applied in tandem with proper establishment techniques, result in stands of uniform turf. Despite lawns being

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Garrett A. Ridge, Natasha L. Bell, Andrew J. Gitto, Steven N. Jeffers and Sarah A. White

or physical treatments, such as chlorination, ozonation, and ultraviolet light, can effectively eliminate propagules of Phytophthora species and other water-borne plant pathogens from water ( Hong and Moorman, 2005 ; Hong et al., 2014 ; Stewart